Barbie Doll crochet long dress

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Founded: 22.07.2017
Added: 07.04.2021
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Des igned by Fernanda Candéo
Barbie Doll Crochet
Long Dress

Des igned by Fernanda Candéo
Materia ls:
Crochet hook 1,75mm
Círculo Clea1000 Cotton Thread

Abrevia tions :
R = row or round
st = stitch
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
inc = increase
dec = d ecrease
* * = repeat what is between

Des igned by Fernanda Candéo
Work in rows .

45 ch
R1 44 sc
R2 44 sc
R3 44 sc
R4 44 sc
R5 44 sc
R6 (9 sc , 1 dec ) 4x
R7 40 sc
R8 (8sc , 1 dec ) 4x
R9 36 sc
R10 (7sc , 1 dec ) 4x
R11 32 sc
R12 (6sc , 1 dec ) 4x
R13 28 sc
R14 (5sc , 1 dec ) 4x
R15 24 sc
R16 (5sc , 1 inc ) 4x
R17 28 sc
R18 (6sc , 1 inc ) 4x
R19 32 sc
R20 (7sc , 1 inc ) 4x
R21 36 sc
R22 (8sc , 1 inc ) 4x
R23 40 sc
R24 12 sc , 6 inc , 4 sc , 6 inc , 12 sc
R25 52 sc
R26 52 sc
R27 12 sc , 6 dec , 4 sc , 6 dec , 12 sc
R28 40 sc
R29 40 sc
R30 40 sc
Tie up .

Fa ça 150 correntes e pass e trançando pelas costas da boneca para fechar a parte superior do

Make a string with 150 ch and pass waving the doll back to close the top of the dress.

Des igned by Fernanda Candéo
Work in rounds

R1 44 sc picking at the bottom of the dress body starting at the middle of the back
R2 *3ch , 1 sc *
Other rounds always make 3 ch , 1 sc , and the sc in center of each 3ch arc .
Make 30 rounds like that.
Tie up .

Work in rows .

Count 20 arcs in front of the dress and place a marker at the beginning and end of these 20
arcs . They will no longer be worked.
Make a sl st next arc after marker and make 3 ch .
Counting this arc, make a total of 15 arcs. In the next sc , make 2 dc , continue doing the arc s to
find the second marker.
Turn and make another round equal . Whereas will increase points on each side of the dc .

The next row count the arc s on either side of the central dc and center over a set of 2 dc in
central sc.

Continue to the desired height.
Make your own design of the tail.
From this row I did not do more annotation, but by the pictures you can have an idea of how I
was doing the new design.

2dc inside
the previous

Des igned by Fernanda Candéo

Des igned by Fernanda Candéo

Des igned by Fernanda Candéo

Des igned by Fernanda Candéo

Have fun !
Thankfully, Fernanda Candeo
Please, this pattern is distributed free of charge, so I request you don’t sell it in any way and if there is interest of
disclosure, be kind enough to cite the source. April ,2015