Little Sister Pretty Shells Dress for Weebee free pattern by Laura Teg

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Weebee Doll – Pretty Shells Dress
Text and images by Laura Tegg, all rights reserved.
Finished products created with this pattern may be used for commercial sale.
Design credit should be given to Laura Tegg when finished products are listed for sale.

Before you begin…
The dress in this pattern is designed to fit my standard size Weebee d oll. You can find the pattern
here for free: -standard -size -baby -doll
Important Information
I have tried very hard to make my clothing patterns as versatile as possible. In theory as long as
you use the same type of yarn e.g. acrylic, cotton etc., the s ame brand of yarn, the same weight of
yarn and the same hook size, the clothing should fit your dolls.
However, some people have commented that they have a tendency to stuff their dolls very, very
firmly (one person said ‘like a brick’) and a lot of people use cotton yarn too which doesn’t have
much give. If this is you, you may not be able to manipulate your dolls into the clothing as easily
as I can, as although I stuff my dolls firmly I don’t stuff them so firmly that I cannot pull and/or push
them into the clothing with ease. I also use acrylic yarn for my dolls and their clothing which has a
lot of stretch to it.
Therefore If you tend to stuff your dolls very firmly, so that that the dolls body has very little give or
use cotton yarn, it is highly rec ommended that you go up at least a hook size when making the
clothing within this pattern.

I have noted in the individual patterns when there is a good point at which to try the pieces on
before you work any further, so that you can rework what you have done so far with a different
sized hook if you need to.
Useful info for those who crochet left handed
Please take a look at this site for hints and tips about following crochet patterns if you are left
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Now you can also join a Facebook page dedicated to Weebee – I like to post sneak peaks of new
patterns and host the odd CAL or two there too! Everyone welcome!
Terminology: US Abbreviations Cont/d…
Double Crochet (dc)
Half double crochet (hdc)
Loop (lp )
Magic ring (MR)
Next (nxt)
Round (rnd)
Single Crochet (sc)
Space (sp)
Abbreviations Cont/d…
Skip (skp)
Stitch (st)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Triple/Treble Crochet (tr)
Yarn Over (yo)
Other items needed:
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle

Back loop only (blo)
Chain (ch)

Which yarns did I use for my doll and clothing?
Not a recommendation as such, it’s just because I get asked this a lot. We don’t have much
choice here in the UK yarn wise, Stylecraft is my absolute favourite brand here though, lovely to
work with and reasonably priced 
Special Stitches
Twisted Single Crochet (tw sc)
Stitches are worked from the right to the left. Insert hook into st, yo , pull through a loop (2 loops on
hook, make them loose), rotate the hook towards yourself and around 360 degrees, yo and draw
through two loops on hook. Here’s a link to a video which shows how to do it: i.wmv . If this link does not work there are
videos on Youtube. This st is very similar to the crab st, so if you find it difficult to work, you can
substitute it with the crab st.
Special Techniques
Working into Back Bumps of Starting Chain
This blog pag e explains it well: -back -bump -behind -
chain -crochet.html Or you can see a video of the technique here:

Pattern Start
Using chosen colour of yarn for the bodice, ch31 (worked from neck down)
Row 1: Sc into back bump (see Special Techniques) of 2 nd ch from hook and into each back bump
across, ch10 tightly (forms a loop for button), turn and sl st back into last st (30sts)
Row 2: Ch1 (not a st), work 2hdc into each st across, turn (60sts)
Row 3: Ch1 (not a st fro m now on), *sc in each of next 5 sts, 2sc in next st , repeat from * across,
turn (70 sts)
Rnd 4: Ch1, sc in each of next 11 sts, ch3, skp 13sts, sc in each of next 22 sts, ch3, skp 13 sts, sc
in each of the remaining 11 sts, join l ast st to first with a sl st (44 sts and two ch3)

Rnd 5: Ch1, sc in each st and ch around, joining l ast st to first with a sl st (50 sts)
Check that the above bodice fits your doll, if it’s too small, rework the above section in a
larger hook, if it’s too big, go down a hook size.
Change colour for skirt.
Rnd 6 : Ch3 (co unts as a dc from now on) work dc, ch2, 2dc into st, *skp next st, work 2dc, ch2,
2dc (shell made) in next st, repeat from * to end, ending with a skipped st, sl st into top of ch 3 to
join the round (25 shells)
**Rnds 7 - 10 : Sl st into ch2 sp of first she ll, ch3 (counts as a dc from now on) work dc, ch2, 2dc
into same ch sp, *work 2dc, ch2, 2dc (shell) in each ch2 sp in shells of previous round, repeat from
* to end, sl st into to p of ch3 to join the round (25 shells)
**For the 2 tone effect I have used on the skirt, work 3 rounds of the shell repeat in one colour and
the last two rounds of the shell repeat and the following sc round in a different shade.
Rnd 11 : Ch1 (not a st), sc in each of the next 2 sts, *sc in each of the next 2 ch’s, sc in each of the
next four sts, repeat from * around, ending with sc in each of th e last two ch’s and two sts (150 sts)
Fasten off and hide loose ends.
Attach button to other side at the back of the dress, opposite the chain loop.
Right Sleeve Edging
Attach yarn in contrasting colour to back right sleeve opening.

Work a tw sc into each of the unworked 13 sts across
the top of the arm hole , do not work all the way
around. Before you fasten off, sl st back into the
bottom of the last st, then fasten of f and hide loose

Left Sleeve Edging
Attach yarn in contrasting colour to front left sleeve opening.
Work a tw sc into each of the unworked 13 sts across the top of the arm
hole , do not work all the way around. Before you fasten off, sl st back int o
the bottom of the last st, then fasten off and hide loose ends.

Remember that there is a pattern for knickers available to download for free here .
And Mary Jane shoes which would work well with this dress in this pattern here , also available to
download for free.

I hope you have e njoyed completing the items of clothing within this pattern!
Please share your Weebee projects with us on the W eebee Appreciation Society
Facebook Page (link on page 2) and don’t forget to add your project to Ravelry!