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Page | 1Easy Gloves Pattern for Your Winter Comfort
Making a pair of fleece winter gloves is not just a matter of tracing your hand on a piece of paper or drawing
straight onto the fabric. Believe me, I have actually tried this before and makes for very uncomfortable
gloves... To save you this exercise in trial and error, here's an easy gloves pattern and tutorial for a pair of
fleece gloves that can be made as a last-minute present.
The bit you must be careful with is cutting the fabric the right way. I suggest fold the fabric in half so you
have the right sides for each hand. (I was watching a movie while making the first pair of these gloves and it
wasn't until I was about to start sewing that I realized my mistakes. Fleece does indeed have a right and
wrong side...)
The smaller size of the glove will fit an average woman or a teenager. The M/L and XL are suitable for most
You can read more about this pattern over at So Sew Easy HERE.pernilla51andersson@yahoo.se 05 Sep 2020

Find more great sewing patterns at So Sew Easy – http://so-sew-easy.com
Page | 2To print your PDF pattern
Your pattern pieces come at the end of these instructions. For accurate printing,
please make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader. You can
download the latest version here if you need to. Select File
5 Print and the print dialogue box opens. Under Page Sizing and
Handling, select ACTUAL SIZE . Check the preview in the right hand side
illustration. Select the page numbers you want to print. You can print the whole
document, or just the pattern pieces.
On the edge of the top left page is a box you can use to test your printing. This
box should measure 2 inches square. If yours is wildly different you will need to
check your printer options to make sure the pages are not being resized.
Use the grey guides on the overlap of the sheets to match up the pattern pieces,
folding under or cutting off any overlaps, tape together and cut out your pattern
Also note that you will need to cut two straps at 4 inches by 22 inches, for which
no pattern piece is supplied – it’s just a rectangle! You can draw the straps on
the reverse of your fabric to cut.
Help printing and assembling your pattern
You can find helpful tutorials on how to download, print and assemble PDF sewing patterns here:
How to download and print a PDF sewing pattern How to print and assemble a PDF sewing patternpernilla51andersson@yahoo.se 05 Sep 2020

Find more great sewing patterns at So Sew Easy – http://so-sew-easy.com
Page | 3Tools and Materials:

1/4 to 1/2 yard of polar fleece (see recommendations below)
 Thread to match
 Jersey needle size 10 
Sewing machinepernilla51andersson@yahoo.se 05 Sep 2020

Find more great sewing patterns at So Sew Easy – http://so-sew-easy.com
Page | 4Thank you for downloading this pattern and tutorial. I hope you enjoyed making this project and remember that I love to see what you made so do
upload your completed projects to the pattern page on Craftsy.
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these instructions, please pass on the original download link at So-Sew-Easy.com. Thank you for your understanding.
Usage – you ARE allowed to use this pattern to make things to sell on a small handmade basis, such as for craft fairs and for your Etsy shop.
However it may not be used for larger scale commercial purposes without a commercial license.pernilla51andersson@yahoo.se 05 Sep 2020

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