Owl Key Chain Pattern

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Owl Key Chain Pattern
Yarn Artists Designs

Materials Needed:
5 different colors of scrap yarn (I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice)
Small amount of orange for the beak
Small amount of black to sew on the buttons
(2) 3/4” white buttons
G Hook
Yarn Needle and Scissors
Key Chain Ring

I am going to make this a quick easy pattern. After each round you will connect with a slip stitch to first
stitch of each round. Fasten off and change colors between each round. Round 5 and the Last row will
be the same color. Ok, let’s get started…

Finished size is 3 ½” tall by 3” wide
With a G Hook: (make 2)
Chain 3, slip stitch to form a ring (or magic ring)
Round 1: work into ring - 8 double crochets (8 dc)
Round 2: work stitches between double crochets - 2 half double crochets around (16 hdc)
Round 3: work stitch es between half double crochets - (single crochet, chain 1) between each st around
(16 sc, 16 ch sp)
Round 4: work stitches in chain 1 spaces – (2 single crochets, chain 1) in each chain 1 space around (32
sc, 16 ch sp)
Round 5: work stitches in chain 1 spaces – (3 single crochets) in each of the next 11 chain 1 spaces, you
should have 5 chain 1 spaces left… (3 dou ble crochets in next), (2 half double crochets in next), sc in
next, (2 half double crochets in next ), (3 double crochets in last) (44 sts)
Last Row : TURN , skip first stitch , sc, (hdc, dc in next), (triple crochet, dc in next), sc in next 5 stitches,
(dc, t riple crochet in next), (d c, hdc in next), sc in next stitch , slip stitch in next. (This is not a complete
round – You are making the ears.)
Fasten off.
Finishing your Owl Key Chain:
You don’ t have to tuck in any loose ends . You can use that as part of your filling 
Sew a beak on with some orange yarn. Then sew on two ¾” white buttons with some black yarn. (as
shown in picture)
Hold wrong sides together an d slip stitch around. I started at the top of one of the ears. That is where I
wanted my key chain to hang from. So begin sewing where you would like your keych ain to be.
Stuff your owl lightly with fiberfill before completing your slip stitches. After you have slip stitched
around, chain 5, cut the yarn. Slide the key ring onto the chains and slip stitch back in to your owl. Fasten
off and tuck yarn through cent er of owl.
All done!! That has got to be the fastest project you have made in awhile 
@ Copyright Notice: You have permission to sell the finished product locally and online. Please mention
Yarn Artists as the designer of the pattern. Rewriting, resellin g, distributing, or copying this pattern isn’t
allowed. Have fun! I would love to see pictures.

Here are some pictures that might help
clarify the pattern a little be tter. We’ll start
at the beginning 
You are working into the ring you made, or
a magic ring…
Round 1: Chain 3 (counts as first dc), 7
more dc in ring. Sl st to the top of chain 3.
Total count for the round (8)
There isn’t 8 dc in this picture…just an
ex ample of what it will start to look like.

Round 2: Work in between the dc, not in the usually hole. Chain 2 (counts as hdc), hdc in the same,
work 2 hdc around, sl stitch to the top of the chain 2. Total count for round (16 hdc)

Round 3: Work between
each hdc from round 2.
Chain 2 (Counts as sc and
chain 1), now you will sc
and chain 1 in between
each hdc around. Slip stitch
to first sc in round. Total
count for round (16 sc and
16 chain 1 spaces)

Round 4: (Work in
Chain 1 sp aces) Work 2
sc and chain 1 in each
space. Slip stitch to first
sc in round. Total count
for round (32 sc and 16
chain 1 spaces)

Round 5: (Work in Chain 1 spaces)
3 sc in each of the first 11 spaces.
Total count so far (33 stitches)

In the pict ure you will see 5 Chain
spaces still empty. We will work in
those next.

Continue working Round 5: 3 dc in the next chain 1 space, 2 hdc in the next space, 1 sc in the next
space, 2 hdc in the next space, 3 dc in the last space. (Total of 11 more stitc hes made) Slip stitch to
first sc in round. Round total (44 sts)

We won’t change color for this last row. We are now making the ears. Row 6: Turn and Skip the first
stitch and work a sc in the next. The first stitch is very tiny and would be hard to work i nto this one. It
should feel comfortable where you place the first sc after turning. You will wo rk a hdc and dc in the
next stitch . Work a triple crochet and doub le crochet in the next stitch . N ow work a sc in the next 5
stiches . Dc and Triple crochet in the next stitch, dc and hdc in the next stitch , sc in the next and slip
stitch in the last stitch . Your ears should look like the picture below.

Now we will sew on a little triangle in orange for a beak and a couple buttons for eyes.

Make a second owl for the back. (You don’t need to add buttons or a nose to the back)

Don’t weave in your ends. You can use this as filling. Hold the wrong sides together and begin to slip
stitch around the owl. I started my slip stitches above the ri ght ear. I wanted my key ring to hang from
there. If you are making this into an ornament, you may want it to hang from the center. So you
would begin there.

Don’t completely close your owl until you
have stuffed him. I wanted to stuff mine a
bit more with fiber -fil, but it is up to you.
My sister felt he was full enough with just
the loose yarn. Finish crocheting shut.
Chain 5 (or to desired length if you are
making an ornament) Cut the yarn leaving
an 8” tail. Slide the ring on to the chains.
Then you will slip stitch back into your owl.
Fasten off and weave in that end.