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Page 1 Happy Patty Crochet © 2015
Patterns & Instructions
by Happy PattyCrochet
Skill LevelSkill Needed
Hello! Here I’ll show you how to crochet and make a Mistletoe branch - a popular Christ -
mas Decor, this Mistletoe is easy and fun to make, and would allow you to fill yours and
your loved ones homes with lovely and delicate Christmas decorations!
The branch is made of crocheted leaves, and its fruits are made of a dough-like material, in
side you’ll find detailed instructions and photo tutorial on how to make the dough and how
to complete the branch.
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- Cotton thread size #40 (in different shades of natural green).
- Steel Crochet Hooks in Sizes 0.
- Floral tape, thin Metal Wires (gauge 21111W^
For the fruits (enough for ~5 branches) :
- Corn Starch (Corn Flour ), ~2 table spoons.
- Baby Oil, ~2 table spoon.
- PVA Glue (“White glue”), ~2 table spoon.
- White & Green Acrylic Color (for canvas or fabric), small 20ml tubes are
enough for around 30 blossoms.
sl-st - Slip Stitch
ch - Chain
sc - Single Crochet
hdc - Half Double Crochet
dc - Double Crochet 2-st sc inc - 2 Stitch SC Increase
(2 sc in same stitch)
2-st hdc inc - 2 hdc increase
(2 Half double crochet in the same
yo - Yarn over
sk - Skip
beg - Beginning
Pattern notes
In this e-book I first show a pattern diagram, and then
the instructions in American Standard Terms (You
can see conversion table for British terms at the end
of the e-book). After that you’ll find photo guides for
how to make the branch.
I’ve created a page in my Blog where I updated a list
of recommended tested threads - see here.
* If you have problem finding the material needed, don’t
hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to help.
* I apologize for including copyright notices on diagrams - I hav
e recently found too many cases
of my patterns being shared, hopefully this will help. Thank you for understanding!
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

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Mistletoe Branch
The mistletoe branch is made of small elongated leaves, that are connected to
a single branch, through a maze of smaller branches. In between the leaves, at-
tached to the smaller branches - you’ll find the ball shaped fruits.
In this branch, I’ve used 211111ZV11YV11s-
ing play dough). All elements and initially made with wire (gauge 21411
them - we’ll use this wire “tails” to connect all elements together to sub-branches,
which we’ll then connect to a single main stem (Stub stem gauge 18).
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

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Leaf - Pattern Diagram
Crochet the first round
around a metal wire.
(see instructions)Crochet the second
round stitches between
the low posts of the
stitches of Round 1.
Stit ch Key / Abbr.
- Single C rochet (sc)
- Cha in (ch)
- Half Double Cr ochet (hdc) - Cut Thread
- Start
- Di rection s - Double Cr ochet (dc)
- 2-st hdc inc
- 2-st dc inc
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe
© Happy Patty Crochet
Happy PattyCrochet
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe
© Happy Patty Crochet

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Leaf - Instructions
The leaf is being crocheting in the round, starting with a
base chains row. The first round around the chains row is
being crocheted around a metal wire as well.
Final Measurements : ~1.4” (3.5cm) x ~0.4” (1cm)
Chains Base Row : Start with 22 chain.
Rnd 1 : (Worked around a metal wire) Ch 2, sk 2, and continue
working in each stitch - 2-st hdc inc, hdc 11 times, sc 10 times, add another sc at
the tip and make your way back the base row with sc 10 times, hdc 11 times and
2-st hdc inc. Finish the round with sl-st to second ch of beg ch 2.
The stitches of round two are being crocheted between the low posts of the stitches of
Round 1.
Rnd 2 : Ch 2, sk 2, and make your way, working in each stitch, crocheting 2-st hdc
inc 2 times, 2-st dc inc 2 times, dc 8 times, hdc 111[1111
sc at the tip and crochet your way back with sc 5 times, hdc 111^11
2-st dc inc 2 times, 2-st hdc inc 2 times and finish the round with sl-st to second ch
of beg ch 2. Fasten off.
Around the metal wire as well. Continue all the way around.
Once you finish the base chain, crochet first chain
of Rnd 1 around the metal wire, follow with anoth- er chain up, and then continue each stitch -
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

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Making the Play Dough
We are going to make the fruits of the mistletoe using play dough (you can also
crochet small balls, and/or use white beads - but I like to get my hands dirty, every
now and then :)).
I know there are plenty of Play Dough
tutorials online, but, to make things eas -
ier - I’ll include here mine, which I used
for this Mistletoe. You’ll need (enough
for ~5 plants) :
- Corn starch (corn flour ), ~2 table
- Baby oil, ~2 table spoon.
- PVA glue (White glue), ~2 table spoons.
Moreover, you’ll need Acrylic Colors in White
and Soft greens.
First, we’ll mix & knead the corn starch, baby oil and the white glue together - un -
til the mixture will become a soft, non-sticky, non-crumbly smooth dough.
Next, we’ll apply a bit of color and continue kneading until the dough will fully
absorb the color. Finally, we’ll use the dough to make the head. Follow the photo
guide below for a complete tutorial :
Step 1 - Add 2 Spoons of Corn starch to a small bowl. Step 2 - Make a hole in the middle of the starch,
and add the oil and glue to it.
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

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Making the Play Dough (#2)
Step 5 - Mix and apply pressure with the spoon,
do not knead yet, as the dough is too sticky at the beginning.
Step 3 - Add a table spoon of Baby Oil.
Step 4 - And a flat table spoon of white glue.
Step 8 - And, if its breaking, add more glue (don’t add big amounts, only a little bit).
Step 7 - If the dough is too crumbly, or too sticky.
add more oil. Step 6 - Occasionally feel the dough, and once it is
not too sticky, start kneading it (clean your hands!)
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

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Making the Play Dough (#3)
Step 13 - And the same for the green dough.
Step 11 - Add about a tea spoon of white color, and
continue kneading. Step 10 - Keep kneading, until the dough feels soft,
none sticky and very smooth.
Step 9 - Your hands will become dirty - that’s a good
Step 14 - Keep the dough in a plastic bag to protect is from drying up and loosing its texture.
Step 12 - Until the dough is white and shiny - main-
taining the same texture.
Once the dough is ready. It’s time to add some color - you’ll need to make two
pieces, one with white color, and the other with soft-green (for some fruits and the
connecting structure between 2 leaves).
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

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Making the branch
Once all leaves have been crocheted, we
move to making the fruits. We make the
fruits using green and white play dough, and
we make it around a wire. We first apply a
drop of glue to the tip of the wire, and then
take a small piece of play dough and shape
a small ball around the tip of the wire (see
photo to the right).
Once the fruits and leaves are done, we have
all the elements needed to complete a branch.
We then make 2-leaf mini branches by group-
ing 2 leaves together using floral tape , fol-
lowed by adding the small green structure
between the leaves.
Next, we’ll group this mini branches into
larger branches in a free form (Mistletoes are
quite chaotic), remembering that we want
the general shape of the plant to be “conic”
(the base being a single stem that slowly ex-
pands to more and more stems).
We’ll then add the fruits at our preferred location, and attach the branches to the main
stem (Gauge 18 stub stem). See photos below :
Step 18 - Make 2-leaf mini branches, using floral tape. Step 15 - Prepare a small wax pool by lighting the
candle for several minutes.
Step 19 - Take a tiny piece of green dough.
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

Page 10 Facebook Etsy Ravelry Craftsy
Making the Branch (#2)
Step 22 - Add the fruits, at your preferred locations.Step 20 - And place it between both leaves.
Step 21 - Keep connecting the mini branches to
achieve your desired shape.
Slowly, connect the small branches to the
main Stub stem, using the floral tape.
One small branch at a time, the main
branch will start to take shape - connect
the sub stems in positions and orienta-
tions that will maintain a general balanced
shape to the Mistletoe branch.
Once done - you’ll have something like
this :
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

Page 11 Facebook Etsy Ravelry Craftsy
That’s it :) the Mistletoe is done! I hope you enjoyed making it, and now its time
to enjoy its beauty! Make a few for your home for the coming Christmas, and a
few more for your loved ones!
If you have any question, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.
Thanks and enjoy crocheting!
Happy Patty :)
This Pattern is my original and unique design, please do not resell, redistribute, copy
or rewrite this file, its text content or the included patterns/photos.
Feel free to include the finished flower in any project that you want, either for private
use or for sell. If you choose to sell the flower, please include a link to my shop and
credit Happy Patty Crochet as the original designer. Thank you for understanding!
Copyright Notice / Terms of Use
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe

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tc (dtr)
sc through blp
qc-tc Y stitch Cut Thread
qc, dtc (ttr)
3-hdc puff
sl st 2-st sc inc
2-st sc dec
back post sc
back post sc
hdc (htr)
2-st hdc inc
tss v#1 (misc #1)
Triple Crochet
Sc through back loop only Single Crochet
Quadruple Crochet
Slip Stitch
2 sc in same stitch
2 sc converge to same stitch Half Double
2 hdc in same stitch
Variation on Tuni-sian Simple Stitch
dc (tr)
3-st hdc inc
3 hdc in same stitch
mr / ml
Magic Ring / Magic Loop
Crochet Symbols and Abbreviations
abbr (UK term)
Short description (if needed)
Crochet Symbol
Happy Patty Crochet © 2015Mistletoe