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♥ Day 8: Stocking Amigurumi
__________________________________________________________________________________ -stocking -amigurumi/

For this pattern you’ll need:
♥ Yarn in the colors Red and White. (I used Stylecraft Special DK)
♥ A bit of extra Black DUQWRFUHDWHLWV mouth.
♥ Crochet hook. (I used 3mm)
♥ Stuffing.
♥ Yarn Needle.
♥ Sewing Pins.
♥ Stitch Marker.
♥ Safety Eyes, 6mm.

Stitches used (US Terms):
Magic Ring.
CH = Chain.
SLST = Slip Stitch.
SC = Single Crochet.
Crab St = Crab Stitch.
ST = Stitch.
BL = Back Loop s.
FL = Front Loops.
Inc = Increase.
Dec = Decrease.
(…) = Repeat the space in brackets the given number of times.
[…] = Total number of stitches.
This pattern is made with continues rounds, unless stated otherwise. Use a stitch marker
to mark your first/l ast stitch of your row.
♥ Pattern Stocking
Start with the color White.
1: 6SC in a Magic Ring. [6]
2: 2SC in each st around. [12]
3: (1SC, inc) 6 times. [18]
Change to the color Red.
4: 18SC. [18]
5: 18SC. [18]
6: 18SC. [18]
7: 18SC. [18]
Leave th e Red yarn attached, but rejoin the color White now. We are gonna create the
A: 9SC, turn. [9]
B: Ch1, Skip 1st, 6SC, Skip 1st, SlSt, turn. [7]
C: Ch1, Skip 1st, 5SC, Skip 1st, 1SlSt in the first ch of the row B, 1SlSt in the side of row
A of the he el, turn. [7]
D: Ch1, SlSt, 6SC, 1SC in the first ch of row C, SlSt in the side of row A. [9]
Go back to the color Red and continue where you left off.
8: 18SC. [18] You will crochet 9SC on the White part and 9 on the Red.
9: 18SC. [18]
10: (5SC, inc) 3 ti mes. [21]
11: 21SC. [21]
12: 21SC. [21]
13: BL, (5SC, dec) 3 times. [18]
14: (1SC, dec) 6 times. [12]
Place the eyes between row 10&11, about 4st apart.
Stuff the Stocking here.
15: Dec around. [6]
Fasten off and weave in tail.

Use the color White.
At row 13 of the Stocking you worked in BL, use now the FL to continue.
1: 21SC. [21]
2: 21Crab St. [21]
Fasten off and weave in tail.

♥ Assembling
Whenever I start assembling Amigurumi, I’d like to use sewing pins to position all parts
first until I’m hap py. Then I will sew them on. I recommend you do so as well.
There isn’t anything to assemble on this one. But with the piece of black DUQFUHDWHKLV
I hope you enjoyed todaVSDWWHUQ! I think it’s adorable. If RXGHFLGHGWRPDNHDQ\RI
the blogmas amigurumi, please show me on Twitter or Instagram with #DelinleaDIY. I’d
love to see what you make using my patterns.
Fi shop (English US terms and Dutch). The link you can find on the Blogmas Page
here! (Etsy might follow later).
Have a wonderful daDQG,OOVHHou tomorrow!