Labrador Retrievers

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Labrador Retrievers
Do you know which breed of dog is the most
popular in the United States right now? If you guessed the
Labrador retriever, you are correct! Perhaps someone in
your family or one of your friends has a lab, as they are
called, at home.
L abrador retrievers have three different possible colors for
their fur: black, chocolate, and yellow, which is actually a light tan color.
Labs are usually identified as black labs, chocolate labs and yellow labs.
Labrador retrievers are excellent family pe ts. These dogs like children
and are sociable with strangers, making them a good neighborhood dog as
well. Once trained, these dogs are obedient and don’t get easily excited. Labs
are a rather large breed of dog. A Labrador retriever can be 2 feet tall at the
shoulder and weigh 90 to 100 pounds. That’s why it is important that they
are gentle with children because they are bigger than most children.
The name retriever comes from the fact that these dogs were
originally bred to help hunters retrieve game in the field. If a hunter, for
example, was hunting for ducks, the Labrador retriever would be able to
swim in the water to fetch the duck for the hunter
Today most Labrador retrievers don’t go hunting but
stay home and make wonderful family pets. Labrador
retrievers love to play ball and Frisbee with the children in
their families. Because labs are such patient and obedient
dogs, they make good service dogs to help people who are blind or disabled.

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