Song Xiao Duo - Mermaid Princess Cinderella

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Sc: single crochet
Hdc: half -double crochet
Dc: double crochet
Inc: increase
Dec: decrease tr: treble (triple crochet)
Sl st: slip stitch
- Meng Doll Line (skin color, sky blue, lake blue, white, yellow)
- Crochet Hook 1.75, filled cotton, shaped strip, 6mm and 8mm imitation white pearls -
Half pearls or safety eyes in 8mm

sts: stitch(es)
Flo: crochet front loop only
Blo: crochet back loop only
ch: chain

Doll size: 25cm or so, if you use different materials the sizes will be different.
The mermaid fairy is originally created by @Song 小 朵 .
If you have any questions, you can find Song Xiao di rectly. The illustration is for personal use only! Do
not use as commercial purpose!

Hand: (sky blue) *2
Rows/Rounds Description Colors
1 6sc in a Magic Ring

Sky Blue

2-3 6sc

Sc, dec

1-14 Change color to sin color, 5sc Skin Color
Fishtail body: (sky blue)
1 6sc in a magic ring

Sky Blue

2 6sc
3 1sc, Inc, 2sc, inc, 1sc
4-13 1 Inc on each side on each round
14 28sc
15 1 Inc on each side
16 30sc
17 1 Inc on each side
18 -19 32sc
20 1 Inc on each side
21 -24 34sc
25 -27 1 Dec on each side
28 28sc
29 On the Blo: 2sc, dec
30 Change color to skin tone On
Blo: 21 sc

Skin color 31 21sc


Combine Flo sts Round 30 rows
with 21sts of Round 31, do 21sc

33 21sc
34 (2sc, dec)x5, 1sc
35 16sc
36 1 Dec on each side
37 -40

41 Change color and continue in Sky Blue: 1 inc on each side
Sky Blue

42 16sc
43 Connect the 2 arms to the body: 26sc

44 Change Color and turn back to skin color: dec x13
Skin Color 45 Dec x6, 1sc
46 -50 7sc
Fishtail decoration: (white) piece hook

Work On the Flo of the round 29, start on the front part of the
fishtail, we will leave 4sts unworked in the middle: 2ch, 24dc

2 2dc in the same stitch (dc -inc)
3 1ch to turn, (1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1tr, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1sc, 1sl st)x6
4 Continue to crochet on the 4 empty sts too now:
1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, (1hdc, 2sl st, 1hdc), 1sc, 1 hdc, 1sc
 The brackets are hooked at the position of the empty 4 sts,
and the other sts are on both sides.
Head (skin color)
1 6sc in a magic ring

2 6sc
3 (1sc, inc)*Rep
4 (1sc, inc, 1sc)*Rep
5 (3sc, inc)*Rep
6 (2sc, inc, 2sc)*Rep
7 (5sc, inc)*Rep

8 42sc
Skin Color 9 (3sc, inc, 3sc)*Rep
10 -11 48sc
12 (7sc, inc)*Rep
13 -22 54sc
23 (2sc,dec, 2sc)*Rep
24 (3sc, dec)*Rep
25 (1sc, dec, 1sc)*Rep
26 (1sc, dec)*Rep
27 Dec x4, 1sc
28 On the Blo: 10sc
29 -30 10sc Ski n Color
Hair band (sky blue)

Start with 65 ch, we work on the 2 sides of the chain, on the 2 nd ch
from the hook: Inc, 62sc, (4sc), 62sc, inc

Sky Blue
(And White) 2 2 inc, 62sc, 2 inc, Change to white, 2 inc, 62sc, 2 inc
Fishtail (lake blue) piece hook
1 3ch+3 turning ch, Inc in dc, (3dc) x2

Lake Blue
2 Turn, 2ch, (1dc, 1ch) x7, 1, 1hdc
3 Turn, 2ch, 13dc, 1 hdc
4 Turn, 2ch, 13dc, 1 hdc
5 Turn, 2ch, (1dc, inc in dc) x6, 1 hdc
6 Turn, 1ch, 3hdc, 5dc, 2tr, 5dc, 3hdc, 1sc

Wrap around the hook (Sl st, 1ch, 1hdc, 1ch, 1Sl st)x7
Continue to crochet 6sc,(2ch, 3hdc), inc in hdc, (3hdc, 2ch)
8 Crochet in row: (1sc, 5ch)
9 In each hole on the last row, crochet (1sc, 5ch)
10 In each hole on the last row, crochet (1sc, 5ch)
Hair: (yellow)
1 6sc

2 6 inc
3 (1sc, inc)*Rep
4 (1sc, inc, 1sc)*Rep
5 (3sc, inc)*Rep
6 (2sc, inc, 2sc)*Rep
7 (5sc, inc)*Rep
8 (3sc, inc, 3sc)*Rep
9-14 48sc
15 (7sc, inc)*Rep

16 -19 54
20 Flip, start the hair bangs with 40ch. Crochet on Blo (39hdc, skip 1 st)
Crochet a total of 27 long strands, the front part of the hairstyle is
done with 6 strands. Follow the pictures to understand How to
make the bang, see Figure 1.
The third spring of the two springs on both sides of the b angs is
pulled out to form a sidebun, as shown in Figure 3. Form the hair
bun with the rest of the strands.

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