halloween - exercises 2

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Read UK: Halloween – exercises
Do the preparation task first. Then read the article and do the exercises to check your understanding.
Match the vocabulary with the correct definition and write a –f next to the numbers 1 –6.
1…….. a costume a. the time of year when fruit and vegetables are collected on farms
2…….. a pumpkin b. a light that has a handle and can be carried or hung up
3…….. a fright c. a large, orange, football -sized vegetable
4…….. a lantern d. to wear special clothes
5…….. harvest e. a set of special clothes
6…….. to dress up f. a scary or frightening thing or event

1. Check your understanding: true or false
Circle True or False for these sentences.
1. People celebrate Halloween on 31 October in Britain. True False
2. Halloween is not a public holiday in the UK. True False
3. Halloween lanterns are usually made from potatoes. True False
4. Apple bobbing is a game which involves apples, water and a bowl. True False
5. Only children dress up at Halloween. True False
6. Trick or treating is an American custom that is now popular in Britain. True False
7. Fright Night is a big Halloween party in the north of England. True False
8. The film Psycho is suitable for all ages. True False

Read UK: Halloween – exercises
2. Check your vocabulary : grouping
Write the words in the correct group.
soup pumpkins vampire curry ghost zombie
apples sweets skeleton witch tomato ketchup monster

Food Halloween characters

3. Check your vocabulary : gap fill – collocations
Complete the collocations with a verb from the box.
dress up wear go go to make celebrate play watch

1. _______________ Halloween
2. _______________ a lantern
3. _______________ apple bobbing
4. _______________ as a witch
5. _______________ a costume
6. _______________ trick or treating
7. _______________ a party
8. _______________ a film

Do you celebrate Halloween?
What Halloween character would you dress up as, and why?
Do you like watching horror films?
Why do you think Halloween is so popular?

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