Magic wand

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Make a Magic Wand
Instructions1. Put one end of the stick into the ground and hold the other end between
your knees. Use the potato peeler to peel the bark o� the stick, by moving
the peeler away from yourself and towards the ground. You can peel o�
all the bark, or just some of it to create a two-tone e�ect.
2. Decorate your stick by winding coloured wool or thread around it to
create di�erent sections. You can add leaves or feathers, a�aching them
using the wound wool or thread.
3. Add more decoration using seeds, gli�er or sequins, or colour in sections
using felt tips or paint.
4. When your wand is complete, hold it tight in your hands and whisper a
secret spell to create the magic.
You will need:
An unusual stick found on a woodland walk
Leaves, feathers, seeds and other woodland treasures
Potato peeler
Colourful wool or thread
Glitter and sequinsGlue
Felt tips or paint
Use treasures you find on an autumn walk to make a mystical magic wand.
Hints and Tips •
Ask a grown up for help with peeling the bark from the stick.
• Never pull sticks or branches o� trees or bushes - only use sticks you �nd on
the ground.

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