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Instructions and Symbol Key__________________________________________________________________Fabric:14 count AidaSti tches:143 x 145S i z e:10. 21 x 10. 36 inc hes or 25.94 x 26.31 cmColours:D MC
Use 2s t rands of t hread f or cros s s titc hSymNo.Colour NameSymNo.Colour Name310Black BLANCBLANC740Orange 741Tangerine orange742Light tangerine 3818Pine tree green
909D ark Emerald Green 910D ark emerald green 954Field green
913J ade green912Peppermint green 911Golf green3819Light mos s green 581Gras hopper green351C oral 350R ed v ermillion349 C hil li red 352Salmon744Grapef ruit yell ow 743Medium yell ow436Teddy brown 435Tabac c o brown3820Maze yell ow Use1 s trand of thread for bac k s tit c hD MC 310BlackD MC 939D ark nav y blueThis chart has been designed and printed with our best intentions of being without mistakes. However, the possibility of humanerror, printing mistakes or the variation of individual stitching does exist, and we regret that we cannot be responsible for this.Produc ed using C ros s S tit c h Profes s ional for W indowswww.dps oft ware.c o. uk