Jews committed genocide against Poles

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Jews committed genocide against Poles

Jews committed genocide against the Polish Nation and, due to this
crime, took over total power in Poland. This power has a racis t and
discriminatory face against Poles in every area of life.

It was as a result of the genocide of the Polish nation planned and carried out by Jews that Poles were
completely removed from the management of Poland, which is today not only visible in every area of social
and political life, but also used by Jews in the boorish and derisive policy towards Poles of Polish nationality,
especially in the media , economic and judicial.

Genocide in the concept of international law; Article II. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the
Crime of Genocide. 1948/12/09. Version from: July 15, 1952
For the purposes of this Convention, genocide is any of the following acts with the intent to destroy, in whole
or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious g roup as such:


a) murder of group members (Fildorf -Nil, Pilecki, Leper, Petylicki and thousands of them)
b) causing serious bodily harm or mental health disorder to members of the group,
c) deliberate creation of living conditions for members of the group, calculated to cause their total or partial
physical destruction,
d) applying measures aimed at preventing births within the group,
e) forced transfer of children of group members to another group.

The Jews actually attacked the Pol ish nation and appropriated Poland in the invisible war of the creeping
stride, which consists in taking over, in small stages, all decisive positions and positions in their Talmudic style.
They did it by means of murder (the Jewish -UB, PPR militias, in fa ct, they were death squads outside the
control of the central government), bribery, always facing the widespread escalation of hatred expressed in
the constant institutional accusation of the Polish nation of imaginary crimes against Jews. In this way, the y
built their position of a victim, who deserves special attention and care, although we are dealing with a special
criminal, an aggressor deranged from hatred towards Poles, whose goal for the thinkers is exactly the same as
they had in Palestine.
The composition of the Jewish -Bolshevik mafia ruling the country was described by :. Pająk in the book
Rzręstwa Zbirów in the chapter "The Law of the :igher Race". This mafia, also called the Politburo and the
Central Committee of the Polish Un ited Workers' Party, became famous in the first post -war years with crimes
and terror, partly described in the quoted work. Aleksander Graf Pruszyoski in his work (op. Cit.) States that
under their authority, in the years 1944 - 1954, 70 thousand people di ed. Poles, and a million, including most
peasants, went through prisons. You can learn about the criminal investigative methods used against the
prisoners from the previously cited book by :. Pajak and A Żochowski, Op. cit. pp. 167 -178. In 1945 100,000
ret urned to Poland Jews who escaped to the Soviets between 1940 and 1941 and were deported to
Kazakhstan or Siberia. The power to rule Poland established by the Bolsheviks consisted mainly of Jews. They
acted under the protection of the powerful ruler of the Soviet empire, Beria's interior minister.
As I mentioned earlier, the initial goal of the Jews is to murder, above all, the intelligentsia and clergy of
the nation on which they parasite, because this leads them to unlimited rule, so it happened in Poland in the
post -war years, and now the Jews have achieved their main goal, i.e. unlimited rule in Poland. The fact that
these are not conspiracy theories can be found, for example, in the literature from the last century: "what is
the goal of the Jews? Destroy the Russian intelligentsia in Russia, and Polish intelligentsia in Poland, take the
helm in your dirty Jewish hands and rule the crowd, illiterate, etc. " M. A. Nowakowski. Beware of Jews and
Bolsheviks! Częstochowa 1918. =n international law it is called genocide.
The Russians, dazed by German agents such as the Jew Lenin and the Jew Bronsztejn -Trotsky, recognized
them as their saviors and elected them as their chief ministers. In this way, the Germans, without cannons,
crushed the entire Russ ian army and took over all of Russia. Gangrene and Bolshevik rot were introduced into
the Russian army by Jews - student junkers who, enrolling in the "death battalions, got stomach cramps at the
time of taking positions ... and fled to the rear, pushing t he flower of the Russian youth into the fire.
Therefore, with Stalin's squadrons were already Jewish bandits seasoned in bloody orgies, which they tested
on the Russian nation, this time it happened to Poles. And so, without cannons, the Jews became the
un divided power in Poland - by plundering and exterminating Poles, having ripped away the heart of the
intelligentsia from Poland, they felt so confident that they directly proclaim that Poland does not belong to
Poles - see Duda's statements! "Excerpt from the book: Albin Siwak -" Without fear " - volume II. "In the book"
Permanent traces "I described the incident in Mikody. It is a town 16 km from Siedlce. I mentioned how the
Jew, Hirszek, kept in the mill, was nourished and sheltered from the Germans throug hout the war by a Polish


Pan Tadeusz has now confirmed the fact that after the war, a Jew named Hirszek came as a security officer
and personally shot eight people - the whole family. Only one man who hid in the furnace survived. His name
was Piotro wski. Mr. Tadeusz also confirmed the fact that the Polish partisans recaptured five young Jews, led
to their death in Hanów. :e confirmed that they had refused the Polish officer, the later general, Wacław
Czyżewski, to join the Polish partisans in Lubelsk ie, he confirmed that shortly after the war, two Polish families
who were hiding them came and killed them. Two families with children. "http://ruch - -zydzi -jako -zdrajcy -mordercy -i-szmalcownicy/
The Soviet adviser, i.e. the supervisor delegated from Moscow to the Ministry of Public Security, Colonel
Mikolaj Steli vanovsky in a report of October 20, 1945 to the People's Commissar for Internal Affairs, Lavrenty
Beria, informed that Jews in the Ministry of Public Security in the First Department constituted 27% of
employees and held 100% of managerial positions. Accor ding to prof. Paczkowski, almost all Jews in the
security service were members of KPP, KPZU, KPZB, KZM and their annexes before the war. Hence, according
to him, the term "Żydokomuna" came from. The speaker also stated that these are the only figures he ha s at
his disposal. He drew them mainly from a confidential or secret study of the "C" Office of the Ministry of
Internal Affairs, published in 1978, entitled: "Security Apparatus in the People's Republic of Poland in 1944 -
1976". It contains biographical no tes of security service officers prepared on the basis of their personal files,
including their own CVs (...). =n 1949, the USSR ambassador to Poland, Viktor Lebedev, wrote that “in the
Ministry of Public Security, starting from deputy ministers, through d epartment directors, there is not a single
Pole, they are all Jews. Only Jews work in the Intelligence Department. "
Formally, from 1946, 2,500 Jews from 200 towns cooperated with the secret police. Jewish militias
were armed and independent of the Polish -speaking authorities, they were spreading terror among
Poles, and they had extensive intelligence infiltrating Poles. Thousands of Poles fell victim to Jews.
The Jewish community collaborated with the UB, MBP, MO, ORMO. Jews created a network of agents
for the communist crime apparatus in factories, bazaars, schools, universities, churches and the anti -
communist underground. Undeclared Jewish gangs subordinated to the NKVD murdered and spied
on Poles. "IPN Bulletin" No. 11/58 "Jews and Poles" Chodakiewicz, Fronda 2000 "After the Holocaust.
Polish -Jewish Relations 1944 -1947 ”Chodakiewicz, =PN 2008,Spotkanie -z-dr-hab -Krzysztofem -Szwagrzykiem -i-dr-Przemyslawem -
Dakowiczem -pt-Lacz.print
The Jew, Jakub Berman, was the creator of the genocide of Poles a nd our extermination, above all of
Polish intelligentsia and patriots. The Jew Jakub Berman was in charge of the ideology of the
communist party and the terror apparatus. He was considered the so -called gray eminence. He had a
leading role in political mur ders together with the Minister of Public Security, Major General
Stanisław Radkiewicz. And this greatest criminal of the Polish Nation from the times of the People's
Republic of Poland during the rule of General Jaruzelski in December 1983 was awarded the Medal of
the National National Council in the Sejm.
It is also worth mentioning that in 1994 he was the leader of the "Russian National Unity" party. The
leader of the party "Russian National Unity", Aleksander Barkaszow, gave an interview for "Życie
Wars zawy" in 1994, in which he said: "I know what a tragedy the Katyn case is for you, but I declare:
Polish officers were not shot by the Russians. We checked the ethnic affiliation of the NKVD -
perpetrators of the sentence. They were all Jews and followed t he orders of others who stood higher
in the hierarchy of the time. Russians are naturally friendly towards Poland ”.
How did Berman conspire against the Jews in Poland? On November 10, 45, the KRN issued a decree
that allowed names to be changed in a top secret manner on a mass scale. http://wazne -
konspirow ano -syjonistow/


The "judiciary" was also an element of the communist apparatus of terror. His employee was the Stalinist
"prosecutor" and collaborator of the UB :elena Wolioska, that is, Fajga Mindla Danielak, wife of Włodzimierz
Brus. Ł ódź was an example of the role of Hews in the communist apparatus of terror. The Hews of Łódź actively
joined the creation of the communist apparatus of terror. The head of the district military court in Łódź was
Leo :olhberger, his deputy was Michał Salpe ter (Mordka Meilech). In the trials of Polish patriots, Feliks Apis
was accused. The following people worked in the UB: Hózef Czaplicki, Hózef Krakowski, Bolesław Krzywioski
(Bernard Schildhau), Mieczysław Baumac, Edward Szejnfeld, Aleksander Rozenblum, Mi chał Hachimowicz,
Aleksander Dyrak, Tomasz Lampart (Dawid Fischer), later head of censorship, Helena Rozmaryn, Dawid
Międzyrzecki, Leonard Wojciechowski (Hakub Szmulowicz), Mieczysław Broniatowski, Hózef Arski. Another
example of the presence of Jews in th e communist terror apparatus was in Kielce, where 57% of the UB
employees were Jews. From 1946, the commander of the Provincial Public Security Office was Adam Kornacki
(Dawid Kornhendler), an NKVD agent. The head of the County Security Office was Albert G rynbaum. Moryc
Kwaśniewski (head of the personnel department of the provincial security office in Kielce) and Natan
Bałanowski worked in the Kielce secret police. Wolf Zalcberg was the translator of the Red Army commandant
(the garrison of the Polish Peopl e's Army was commanded by the Soviet Andrej Kupryj). The first secretary of
the PPR in Kielce, Jan Kalinowski, the mayor of the city, Tadeusz Zarecki, the head of the organizational
department of the PPR, Julian Lewin, and some of the voivode's employees, were also Jews - allegedly all of
them would allow a spontaneous and long -lasting pogrom against Jews in Kielce. sources, among others, Jan
Bodakowski Bibliography: "Biuletyn IPN" no. 11/58 "Jews and Poles" Chodakiewicz, Fronda 2000 "After the
Holocaust. P olish -Jewish Relations 1944 -1947 ”Chodakiewicz, =PN 2008.
With their barking venom, the Jews would like to banish the facts about the above -mentioned facts, for
example by organizing a brawl in the Wrocław Court in 2017. the above -mentioned show trial or ra ther
lynching on the person of Piotr Rybak. But that's not all. The participation of Jews in the apparatus of terror
and genocide of Poles in the People's Republic of Poland was also essential: Prof. Andrzej Paczkowski
formulated this thesis as "an over -re presentation of Jews in the UB." Unambiguously writes about the "over -
representation of Hews in the UB" by another leading =PN historian, dr hab. Han Żaryn in his study “Wokół
pogromu Kieleckiego” (Warsaw 2006, p. 86). The very unfortunate disproportions r esulting from the excessive
number of Jews in the UB were also written by Jewish authors who were much more reliable than Gross, for
example Michael Chęcioski, a former military information officer of the Polish People's Army, in the 1982 in
New York in th e book "Poland. Communism, Nationalism, Anti -semitism ”(pp. 63 -64).
Jews murdered thousands of Poles in the planned institutional apparatus of violence, which was the
Security Office headed by the Jewish criminal Jakub Berman and his supporters, such as Morel. Różaoski, Light
or the fame of the macabre murders and sadistic tortures on prisoners, a Jewish Jew Julia Brystiger, otherwise
a bloody luna! Julia Brystygier from December 1944. she worked in the Department of Public Security as the
head of the section, head of department, from 1945 acting, and then director of the V Department of the
Ministry of Public Security with the rank of colonel of the NKVD. The aforementioned characteristic is the type
of instruction given by the Jewish criminal to offic ers at briefings: “=n fact, the entire Polish intelligentsia is
against the communist system and there is virtually no chance of her re -education. So it remains to eliminate
it. " Jewish author, published in Paris in 1984. of the book "Les Juifs en Pologne et Solidarnośd" ("Hews in
Poland and Solidarity"), Michel Wiewiórka wrote on p. 122: "The Ministry of =nternal Affairs, especially with
the exception of the minister himself, was headed in various departments by control of its activities ". It is
signific ant - the ominous role of the Jewish functionaries is visible in every more significant crime of the
Security Service, from the genocidal murders in the Świętochłowice camp, through the court murders of
General Fieldorf "Nile" and Captain Pilecki, to the t rial of General Tatar and co -accused of senior military men.
The main culprits behind the murder of this Polish hero are, for the most part, Jewish communists. Among
them was the red prosecutor :elena Wolioska (Fajga Mindla -Danielak), who


it decided to arrest General Fieldorf illegally, and later extended his arrest just as illegally. The death sentence
on the general in a fabricated trial was issued by a communist judge of Hewish origin, Maria Gurowska, née
Sand, daughter of Moryc and Frajda née Einseman. Add to this the Jewish origin of three of the four members
of the board of the Supreme Court who approved the death sentence for the Polish hero (judge Dr. Emil Merz,
judge Gustaw Auscaler and prosecutor Paulina Kern). All three later lived the last years of t heir lives in Israel.
Let us also recall that earlier, in the first -instance hearing, Benjamin Wajsblech, one of the most ruthless
prosecutors of Hewish origin, accused General "Nil". Let us add that probably Hózef Różaoski himself (Goldberg)
handed the in terrogator, General Fieldorf, Lieutenant Kazimierz Górski, the so -called question marks, ie
properly written sets of questions to be asked of the prisoner (according to P. Lipioski, The topic of life: wine,
"Gazeta Wyborcza" magazine, November 18, 1994). J ózef Cyrankiewicz (prime minister in the People's
Republic of Poland in 1947 –1952 and 1954 –1970), a Gestapo agent, executioner of the Poznao Uprising of
1956 and of the workers of December 1970. In a personal letter to the court which sentenced the torture d
Captain Witold Pilecki to death: “=f the defendant would like to refer to me, our acquaintance with Auschwitz,
this cannot in any way reduce his guilt and result in the mitigation of the sentence. The accused Witold Pilecki
is an enemy of the People's Re public of Poland, he is a very harmful individual, therefore he should face the
highest punishment ”. The famous Hew, NKVD / KGB agent Maurice Shainberg aka Mieczysław Prużaoski:
"Cyrankiewicz, as a secret agent of the Gestapo in Auschwitz, was responsible for providing Jewish women as
prostitutes for the Germans. He treated them brutally, condemning gas to those who refused to serve the
Nazis." =n this context, it is worth recalling an excerpt from Sławomir Bilak's conversation with Maria Fieldorf -
Czarska, the daughter of the murdered general, who said: "I am asking why nobody says that only Jews were
involved in my father's case? I don't know why in Poland. Jews were accusing and judging against a Polish
citizen "(quoted after: Temida has her eyes closed. Nobody will answer for my father's death," Our Poland ",
February 24, 1999). Let us recall now how a shameful matter was the sentence of death on one of the
greatest Polish heroes of Captain Witold Pilecki and his execution in 1948.
A man who voluntarily allowed himself to be arrested in order to go to Auschwitz and investigate the truth
about the situation in the camp, and later became the founder of the first camp underground. An office r
whom the eminent English historian Michael Foot called "the conscience of Europe fighting against the Nazis"
and one of the most outstanding and brave figures of the European Resistance Movement. Well, as Tadeusz
M. Płużaoski wrote about the case of Capt ain Pilecki and his co -accused in the trial: "The sentences have
already been passed before - they were issued by the director of the Investigation Department of the Ministry
of Public Security, Hew Hózef Goldberg Różaoski supervised the investigation of W itold Pilecki and in fact is the
perpetrator of the conviction of this heroic captain to the death penalty. During one of the interrogations, he
told Płużaoski: “Nothing can save you. = have two death sentences. They will come, lead them fucking in the
hea d, and it will be such an ordinary human death "(see T.M. Płużaoski, Prosecutor of special tasks," =t's Time
", October 5, 2002). It is also worth mentioning that one of the members of the college of the Supreme
Military Court, who on May 3, 1948. approved the death sentence on Pilecki, executed on May 25, 1948, by a
Hew judge Leo :ochberg, son of Saul Szoel (according to T.M. Płużaoski, Lawyers of the Second Polish
Republic, communist criminals, "High Time", October 27, 2001). I will omit here a broader ac count of one of
the most frequently recalled crimes - the genocidal murder of about 1,650 innocent prisoners in less than a
year by the Jew Salomon Morel and his Jewish torturers from the UB (see the book of the author of the very
reliable Jewish self -reck oning, John Sack, entitled Oko for an eye ", Gliwice 1995). Let me just remind you here
of one of S. Morel's favorite "games" of the genocidal "executioner from Świętochłowice", consisting in
setting up pyramids of people who were told to lie on top of eac h other in fours. When the pile of bodies was
large enough, he would jump on them to add even more weight. After such "games" people from the top of
the pile came out with broken ribs at best, while the bottom four ended up in the morgue. The later crimes


committed by Morel against young Polish political prisoners "re -educated" in the camp in Jaworzno are much
less known.
There, Morel replaced Ivan Mordasov as the commander of the NKVD captain. In Marek J. Chodakiewicz's
book, "Żydzi i Polacy 1918 -1945" (War saw 2000, p. 410), we read: "About 10,000 prisoners died in the camp in
Jaworzno between 1945 and 1949". These terrifying figures sound unbelievable and require thorough
verification, although Chodakiewicz quotes them after the source work by M. Wyrwich (" Łagier Haworzno",
Warsaw 1995). Various accounts confirm, in any case, the exceptional cruelty displayed by Commandant
Morel towards young Polish prisoners. Starting with his greeting subsequent transports of young prisoners
with a typical greeting: "Look at the sun, because some people see it for the last time!" Or with the words:
"You are bandits, we will show you here what it means to fight against the people's power." (Both quotations
follow the text of the "Open letter to the Prime Minister of the Repu blic of Poland" written by Mieczysław
Wieła ("Haworzniacy" No. 2/29 of February 1999). Apart from physical torment, Morel liked to inflict various
mental torments on his victims. For example, he had to write a thousand times : "= hate Piłsudski" (according
to M. Wyrwich, "Łagier Haworzno", Warsaw 1995, p. 90) There was a well -known phrase by Morel, later
repeated by prison guards: - You wanted Poland from sea to sea, so you have it from wall to wall Once, Morel
invited 20 employees of the Security Office an d a few submissive girls, including his lover Lola (commander of
the prison in Gliwice) for a great party and, although it was on Friday evening, i.e. at the beginning of the
Sabbath, he served sausages and a whole pile of vodka, which they drank, then the fun in the camp began. -
You, big - Shlomo (Morel) shouted to the tall blonde - Lie down here! Long - to another tall German. - Lie
down next to him. So he arranged three, and then on them t crosswise, etc., until a cube of people was
created, high at arm 's length. "All right," Shlomo said, and his guests started swinging their truncheons
around, hitting the cube with them. When they got tired, they walked away, and Morel looked at this
massacred swirl with a smile like a mustugene (madman). John Sack: "An eye for an eye" .. The genocidal
criminal S. Morel received a Polish pension - about 5,000 zlotys. PLN. The leading historian of the Institute of
National Remembrance, dr hab. Han Żaryn recently wrote: "The experiences of 1944 -1945 only strengthened
the s tereotype of Żydokomuna." "The NKVD, with the help of the remaining Hews, organizes bloody orgies,"
reported Władysław Liniarski "Mścisław", commander of the AK District in Białystok in Hanuary 1945. to
"Polish London" (...). Morel had worthy followers and here I will remind you of Second Lieutenant Lola Sara
Potok - a Hewish woman from Będzin, a seamstress by education, a prisoner of Birkenau from 1943
(surprisingly, she survived like millions of others), from February 11, 1945 in the PPR, from February 13 ,
commander of the UBec prison in Gliwice. Lover of Szlomo Morel, commander of the communist death camp
in Świętochłowice. Between February 1945 and September 1945, he was responsible for the deaths of about
1,000 prisoners tortured, beaten and tormented w ithout a sentence. Those who will not murder are sent to
Morel to the camp. On September 15, 1945, she runs away with her lover, a Red Army officer named
Zakharov (Sakharov), to France. The prison cash desk disappears with her - money, wedding rings, watch es
and jewelry taken from prisoners and placed in the prisoner's deposit. From there he goes to the USA. She
presented herself as a victim of the Holocaust and Polish anti -Semitism. She died on February 14, 2004.
Jews would like to erase the evidence of their crimes, in the age of the Internet it is no longer possible. We
will look at information about the father of former President Kwasniewski Stolzman on the basis of numerous
internet publications; Testimony under oath of Dominik Dzimitrowicz; Somewh ere in the middle of 1945. I
came to Gdaosk with my parents. =n the parents' house there was a Counterintelligence Unit in the Gdaosk -
Wrzeszcz district, ul. Wallenroda 4. The Cell received news that prisoners who did not reach their destination,
ie the pri son, were being directed towards Gdaosk. =n order to recognize "cases", my father decided to go to
work at UBP Gdansk as the manager of a tailoring shop, and he took me as a student. Detailed penetration of
the UBP in Gdaosk was undertaken. The reality tur ned out to be a nightmare. Every week from one to two
groups of :ome Army soldiers were brought to the UB in Gdaosk. The interrogations were conducted by the


NKVDzisci in the form of breaking the hands, legs, pulling nails, etc. the hearings were supervise d by Stolzman.
Due to the fact that Isaac Stolzman knew my father, with whom he agreed that the uniform would always be
ironed in reserve. When he was in Gdaosk, he called Konsum to send a uniform, then my father sent me with
the uniform to Izaak Stolzman. = took my uniform and went to the security office in Gdaosk. Carrying the
uniform for Stolzman, I did not expect to be in the vestibule of hell within 48 hours. When I entered the room
where Lebe Bartkowski was, who had prepared a tool to tortur e people, instead of reporting my arrival, I
stood and watched what Bartkowski was doing. The same one slapped me in the face without thinking. I
reciprocated Bartkowski immediately. Stolzman saved me from oppression, who entered leading two women,
one you nger and the other older. It turned out that they were the wife and daughter of one of the escapees,
who admitted that some of the drugs were kept in his house - drugs were taken and both ladies. For half a
day, the Swedes and Poles were interrogated by St olzman and Bartkowski. They were interested in who and
from where had delivered the opium to the ships, where the storage site is located in the Tri -City, Ustka and
Słupsk. After the oral interrogation was over and Stolzman did not find out where so many d rugs had been
taken from, then the physical interrogation began. A prisoner with a cross on his chest was taken as a
wallpaper. Bartkowski ordered the cross taken off, but the questioned man refused. Stolzman ordered
Bartkowski to hang him on a hook on a c hain from the cross. The delinquent was placed on a stool and his
arms and legs were tied, his head was tucked by a chain hung on a hook. Then Bartkowski abruptly tore the
bench from under his feet. The chain snapped under tension and possibly cut an arter y at the same time. The
blood began to pour out as if from a "tap". After a few minutes, the man was dead. I was ordered to help
remove the body and wash the floor. The cross was washed away by the NKVD. I personally heard Stolzman
saying to Bartkowski tha t he would take the cross home as a souvenir. The young Pole was next to be
questioned. His hands and feet were tied and hung like a pig on a hook. The lower body was exposed and
Bartkowski began to squeeze the hanged genitals with the pliers. There was an eerie cry of pain in the
tortured man. Stolzman ordered the torture to be stopped and asked if he had already remembered where
the drugs were on the ship. The young man pointed to a marriage with his daughter, who were probably
supposed to be engaged in t ransporting drugs to ships. The elder of the family was taken first. The wife and
daughter, their hands tied, were seated in close proximity to the father and husband. Nails were torn off his
hands and feet so that he would not scream, his mouth was sealed . The tortured man passed out several
times. His fingers, toes and hands were broken. When the blindfold was removed, Bartkowski asked him if he
would testify, and he answered yes. The drug - opium was brought to Ustka by the MO car, and the escorts
were p olicemen. When the car went to the ships, the soldiers who guarded the Swedish ships disappeared
while the goods were unloaded. Izaak Stolzman threatened that if he did not tell the truth, his wife and
daughter would be raped and then shot. The tortured ma n 'remembered that the drug had been brought
from the Public Security Office in Szczecin. When Stolzman heard it, he became furious, he called two NKVD
Jews, who raped their 15 -year -old daughter and wife. After raping the women, Stolzman took the camera
from the table, tore open the vagina, and Bartkowski thrust the heated rod red -hot into the girl's bloodied
vagina. There was an eerie cry of pain. The same was done with the girl's mother. Unnecessary women were
taken to the next room, where they were shot. Izaak Stolzman continued to investigate the tortured man, he
did not believe his testimony that the maniac stubbornly repeated that the drugs had been brought from the
UB in Szczecin. At one point, he ordered the bar to be heated, and Bartkowski pushed it into the rectum with
all his strength, the same scenario repeated - the roar of the murdered man. This type of crime was typical of
NKVD executioners. After the end of the "experiment", he was murdered with a shot to the back of the head.
The perpetrator of the murder was Lebe Bartkowski. Izaak Stolzman ordered a lunch break. When I wanted to
leave the scene of crime, I asked if I could go home. Stolzman said I would stay and go when the time came.
After some time, Lebe Bartkowski returned from dinner, sto od astride and said to me: "Nu you goy, do you
know that our houses and your gallows, in a moment you will hang on this hook". After a while, Isaac


Stolzman came and ordered Bartkowski to question the remaining Poles, and ordered me to stay in the room.
On the other hand, Stolzman took two assistants and began interrogating the Swedish sailors, used a gradual
method of torture, starting with tearing off the nails from the hands and feet, and breaking the fingers. Then,
with the hot rod, the rods were dragged over the whole body, back, legs, stomach, breasts, etc. The screams
of pain and despair of the tortured Swedish sailors. While the Swedes and Poles were tortured, Izaak Stolzman
stood and watched as the tortured people screamed. He was smiling, it seemed that Stolzman was in some
"ecstasy" which gave him incredible pleasure. During the interrogation of Polish refug ees, Lebe Bartkowski did
not receive any additional information. Izaak Stolzman ordered them to be escorted away and shot. They gave
me a mattress and a blanket to sleep on, and so I sat all night until the next morning. The next morning,
Stolzman ordered Bartkowski to load the shot Poles into the car, take them to Brzeźno and bury them. On the
other hand, with the help of two NKVD officers, he started a continuation of yesterday's interrogations of
Swedish sailors, the investigation was conducted in German so that I did not understand anything. There was
so much I could understand that if Stolzman didn't want him to do so, the torture would have increased.
When Bartkowski arrived, he ordered the car to be ready for the road, if they asked where it was takin g - say
that the Swedes were taken to the ship that would take them to Konigsberg -Kaliningrad. It was a lie and
mislead all "concerned". Then all the kidnapped Swedes were put in the car, having previously tied their arms
and legs. The escorts sat down wit h the prisoners. On the other hand, naczalstwo in the "gazik" and I went
with them towards Gdynia -Lębork -Słupsk. =n Słupsk, after a few minutes we drove to the building. After
standing for a while, several people came out. Bartkowski, along with his men, b egan to unload the Swedes.
After unloading, they were placed "goose" and led to the building. When the last one disappeared in the
doorway, Isaac Stolzman told me to move to the seat next to him. "Dominik" - he turned to me: "You have
crossed the threshold of your safety. You saw and heard what you shouldn't… see and hear. Consequently, =
would have to kill you, but = will not. You owe your life to the Director of Konsum, Mr. Kamioski, who stood up
for you. If you start spreading about what you have heard a nd seen, all your family and you in the basement
will perish. Now we go down to the underground, you will see that I am not lying to you. " He ordered me to
follow him and brought me underground. First, I felt the amazing smell of decomposing human bodies, and I
saw the Swedish sailors lying in a row, who a few minutes ago went underground. Those who showed signs of
life were killed with guns. As I was about to leave the vestibule of Hell, Stolzman grabbed my arm, telling me
that I had yet to see the cremat orium and the corpse, which is strewn with lime: "If you don't obey, the same
thing will happen to you as they did to the others." The former head of the UB in Drawsko Pomorskie, Wacław
Nowak, revealed that Zdzisław Kwaśniewski, the father of the former Pr esident of the Republic of Poland, was
a Soviet war criminal guilty of a crime against the Polish nation. Nowak lived as a pensioner in Koszalin at 22
Powstaoców Wielkopolskich Street. A few months before his death in 1994, he confessed that the UB and
NKV D had murdered the Home Army, NSZ members and participants of the resistance movement in Western
Pomerania in 1945, to which he himself contributed. Nowak led the UB operations in the area of Drawsko,
Czaplinek, Hastrowie, Połczyn, Białogard and Kołobrze g. He received orders directly from the NKVD from the
posts in Gross -Born (Borne -Sulinowo), Białogard and Rawicz. :e appeared under the assumed name of
"Wacław Nowak", given to him by the NKVD during his appointment to the position of the UB manager in
Dra wsko in 1945. His real name revealed his Jewish lineage. On the orders of the NKVD, Nowak seized soldiers
of the Home Army, the National Armed Forces and anti -Soviet organizations hiding in his area. He participated
in the raids of the soldiers of the Viln ius 5th Brigade of the Home Army, division of Major Zygmunt
Siendzielerz, pseudonym "Łupaszka" (formerly belonging to the 4th Brigade), which got into the forests of
Western Pomerania. He took the captured people to the NKVD concentration camp in Barkenbry ge
(Barkniewo) near Gross -Born Borne (Sulimowo). (Nowak knew only the German names of the places.) It was a
transit camp. From there, there were only two options for the Home Army soldiers: to Russia or to the
"de struction". The NKVD -zist who supervised the criminal activities of the UB, including the crimes of Nowak,


was =zaak Stolzman. Russian Hew =zaak Stolzman aka Zdzisław Kwaśniewski in the rank of NKVD colonel,
"incorporated" into a Pole to organize the super vision of the UB in Western and Northern Pomerania, in the
late 1940s and early 1950s, on the orders of the NKVD authorities, he supervised and coordinated the criminal
activities poviat and municipal public security offices in Drawsko, Białogard, Szczecin ek, Wałcz, Kołobrzeg,
Połczyn, Hastrów and Okonek. :e also participated in the crimes of the Public Security Office in Gdaosk, Słupsk,
Szczecin, Ustka, Koszalin and Elbląg. This torturer deprived the prisoners of life by shooting, hanging, and
gassing, for example in the NKVD headquarters in Gdaosk, and by injecting poison, which was his exclusive
specialty. This criminal was characterized by a particularly degenerate murder instinct, tormenting his victims
in a truly medieval style, about which you will fi nd more in the Internet space. Izaak Stolzman is accused of
murdering the patriotic Polish population in the South -Eastern Borderlands of the Second Polish Republic and
in Eastern Lesser Poland, as well as plundering and committing crimes against Jews in g hettos during the
German occupation of Vilnius and Belarus. Sources: From the letter of Jan Krawiec to the editorial office of the
weekly "Gwiazda Polarna" Jarek Kefir on April 18, 2013. , -zyciorys -ojca -aleksandra -
kwasniewskiego , -izaak -zdzislaw -kwasniewski
After the war, Poles after the war, using the slogan "Żydokomuna", use d the stereotype created by the
Jews themselves. Therefore, Jews became jointly responsible for the suffering of Poles, including the loss -
once again - of state independence. The families learned about the tortures that their relatives - often soldiers
of the independence underground - were subjected to in the security dungeons. “When = left the prison, = was
immediately taken upstairs and the NKVD officer Faber [Samuel Faber - footnote by H. Żaryn+ (who he was, =
don't know if he was a Pole or a Russian, certainly a Jew) (...) ordered me to be tied. They tied my mouth with
a rag and between my hands and feet they put a stick on which they hung me, and then they started pouring
pus into my nose. After a while, they stopped. I did not lose consciousness, so I felt everything to the end. I
got a hemorrhage from that (...) ' - recalled Hakub Górski, "Hurand", a soldier of the :ome Army "(...). Another
activist of the independence underground, Mieczysław Grygorcewicz, remembered the first days of his
detention i n the NKVD and UB arrest in Warsaw: I was apathetic, a vision of death stood before me. After all, I
am in the hands of the enemy, and in the hands of Jews, who were numerous in the UB. I felt a great disgust
with them, after all I had to deal with social scum, mostly brought up in the Nalewka gutter ”. "Hózef Light - a
Jew by origin, having a gun in his hand, told me that if I did not give my place of residence, he would shoot me
in the head (...)". The light brought Halicki, the head of the investigative section, who was also a Jew, and he
started a preliminary investigation (...). The Ubov officers changed frequently (...). One of them, in particular,
spoke to me brutally and rude, he threatened the death penalty without trial. As I learned later from the
investigator, Lieutenant Łojka, it was Hózef Różaoski himself (Hózef Goldberg), Deputy Radkiewicz, Minister of
Security. In such a situation and among this group of security services, I was prepared for the worst, even to
be shot (...) ”. (quoted from H. Żaryn, :ierarchy of the Catholic Church towards Polish -Jewish relations in 1945 -
1947, in: "Wokół pogromu Kieleckiego", Warsaw 2006, pp. 86 -88) ". The Hew mentioned here, Hózef Różaoski
(Goldberg), director of the Investigative Department at the Ministry of Public Security, gained a well -deserved
fame as the cruelest executioner of the secret police. From the former Home Army officer Kazimierz
Moczarski, who was one of the victims of the "infernal investigation" under Różaoski's supervision, we know
what the methods of torture the prisoners interrogated in the Ministry of Public Security were. Among 49
types of ill -treatment and torture to which he was subjected, Moczarski mentioned, among others:
"1. hitting specially sensitive areas of the body with a rubbe r truncheon (e.g. the bridge of the nose, chin and
mucous glands, protruding parts of the shoulder blades, etc.);
2. beating with a whip, wearing the so -called sticky gum, tops of bare feet - a particularly painful torture
3. hitting the heels w ith a rubber truncheon (a series of 10 blows per heel - several times a day);


4. plucking hair from the temples and the neck (so -called goose plucking), from the chin, from the breast, and
from the perineum and genitals;
5. crushing fingers between three pe ncils (…);
6. burning the area around the mouth and eyes with a red -hot cigarette; (...)
8. forcing them to stay awake for 7 -9 days (...) ”(quoted after K. Moczarski, :ell's =nvestigation,“ Rebirth ”,
January 21, 1989).
The dignitary of the Ministry of Public Security - a Hew Hózef Light supervised the secret prison in Miedzeszyn,
where the methods of extracting testimony included condemning to kneeling on a brick floor with hands raised
for 5 hours, chasing naked through corridors with simultaneous flogging with steel bars, beating with a club
woven of steel wires (according to T. Grotowicz, Hózef Light, "Our Poland", Huly 22, 1998) . We will not find a
single sentence of information about all these atrocities and crimes of Jewish executioners from the UB in the
books of J. T. Gross, who wrote so readily and extensively about the alleged crimes committed by Poles against
Hews. The Hew Różaoski (Goldberg) was responsible for the operation of a secret group of secret police
murderers, who, on his order, secretly murdered selected Home Army soldiers and people kidnapped from the
street in the forest. This is how, among others, formally released from custody, Fr. Antoni Dąbrowski, former
chaplain of the 27th Volhynian Infantry Division of the Home Army (27th Infantry Division of the Home Army) -
a large infantry unit of the Home Army formed by the forces of the Volhynia District as part of the Operation
"Storm". In March 1944, the 27th Infantry Division of the Home Army had abou t 6,000 soldiers.
Among those murdered after being transported from prison to the forest were, among others Colonel of the
Home Army, Aleksander Bielecki, from whom the secret police failed to force the expected testimony, and his
wife. The Jewish communis t Leon Kasman, for many years the editor -in-chief of the Central Committee of the
Polish United Workers 'Party, "Trybuna Ludu", was the activist who most violently called for intensification of
repression against political opponents during the session of t he Political Bureau of the Central Committee of
the Polish Workers' Party in October 1944. He "became famous" by saying: "The terror is overwhelmed that in
this Poland, where the party is the hegemon, not even one head has fallen" (quoted after P. Lipioski , Bolesław
Niejasny, Magazyn "Gazeta Wyborcza", May 3, 2000) . And the heads of Polish patriots, mainly AK members,
began to decline at an accelerated pace as a result of the first great wave of terror against the nation that was
unleashed at that time. An d so, for example, in December 1944. five Home Army soldiers were shot dead in the
basement of the house in front of the Lublin Castle. Their case was handled by a military prosecutor of Jewish
nationality (according to Marek Kolasioski, a judge of the Cou rt of Appeal in Lublin, "Report on court murders",
Warsaw 1994, p. 108).
Bright examples of the cruelty of Jewish investigators towards interrogated Polish officers can be found in
the so -called Bydgoszcz case. Herzy Poksioski described, for example, how "Capt. Mateusz Frydman grabbed
the interrogated officers by the throat and punched them with his head against the walls, he said to Major
Krzysik: "= will shoot you and make a grave so that Anders cannot erect a monument" (see H. Poksioski, "TUN.
Tatar - Utnik - Nowicki ", Warsaw 1992, p. 38). =n the case of Bydgoszcz, Colonel Hózef de Meksz died martyred.
In the course of another fabricated case of innocent officers, the so -called the Zamojsko -Bydgoszcz affair,
Colonel Hulian Załęski died tortured in p rison. He lost his life as a victim of cruel torture ordered by one of the
most ruthless Jewish torturers - the head of the Main Information Board of the Polish Army, Col. Stefan Kuhl,
known as the "bloody Kuhl" (see A.K. Kunert - H. Poksioski, Col. Stefan Kuhl, "Życie Warszawy", February 24,
1993). Director of the Department of the 5th Ministry of Public Security, a Jewish communist, Luna
Brystygierowa, specialized in the persecution of the Catholic Church and patriotic intelligentsia, was called
"Blood Lu na" because of the extreme ruthlessness with which she interrogated prisoners. A soldier of the
:ome Army and a former political prisoner, Anna Rószkiewicz -Litwinowiczowa, wrote in her memoirs that: A
Hewish woman, “Hulia Brystygierowa, was famous for the sadistic torture inflicted on young prisoners. During
the interrogations in Lviv, she put the prisoners' genitals into a drawer, slamming it sharply. She was sexually


perverted, and here she had a chance to show off "(see A. Rószkiewicz -Litwinowiczowa, Dif ficult decisions.
Counter -intelligence of the Home Army Warsaw District 1943 -1944. Prison 1949 -1954, Warsaw 1991, p. 106).
The arrest in 1947 was one of the most shameful matters. on the basis of fabricated accusations by Major
Mieczysław Słaby, a former do ctor of Westerplatians, the most famous heroic formation of the Polish defense
war of 1939. After only a few months of interrogation, Major Sły died at the age of only 42 as a result of
injuries sustained during the investigation. His case was handled by t he vice -prosecutor Major S.D. Mojsezon
(Mojżeszowicz), a Hew by descent. :e wrote this in his own hand, the alleged "testimonies" of Major Słaby,
who admitted in them that he "acted to the detriment of the Polish state". Major Słaby was persuaded with
appr opriate methods to sign the testimony formulated by prosecutor Mojsezon. The tortured major died
before being convicted and sentenced. After the investigation was canceled twice (in 1993 and 1995), the case
of the behind -the -scenes death in the building of the Ministry of Public Security of one of the heroes of the
book by Aleksander Kamioski from the "Zośka" battalion - Jan Rodowicz pseud. "Anode". He was one of the
characters famous for his incredible courage, dedication and the ability to take risks. For his military merits, he
was awarded the Cross of Valor (twice) and the Virtuti Militari Cross. A multi -talented student, he studied at
the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology when he fell victim to repression. He was
arrested on Christmas Eve 1948. and taken to the secret police office. His interrogations were led by the head
of the 5th Department of the Ministry of Public Security, Major of Jewish origin Wiktor Herer (later a professor
of economics). Only two weeks after the arr est, the legendary "Anoda" was killed in the building of the
Ministry of Public Security. From information submitted to the prosecutor's office by another member of the
"Zośka" battalion, imprisoned at the same time as "Anoda", Rodowicz was shot by Bronisł aw K. from the
Ministry of Public Security. The former head of the Ministry of Public Security, Wiktor Herer, denied the
version about the murder of "Anoda". He upheld the old official version that Anoda had committed suicide by
jumping onto the sill of an open window and jumping off the fourth floor. This version seems quite unlikely, if
only because it was the middle of winter then - on January 7, 1949. So how can we explain the claim that at
that time there was an open window in the MBP building on the f ourth floor? Generally, the numerous crimes
committed in various provinces under the command and command of local Jewish security service officers are
still insufficiently known. A typical example in this respect is the case of crimes against 16 Poles - de mobilized
soldiers of the Home Army and NSZ, committed in Siedlce on April 12 and 13, 1945. In the course of
prosecution proceedings in the 1990s, it was unquestionably proven that the murder was committed by
employees of the County Public Security Office in Siedlce. At the time of the crime, the head of the then UB in
Siedlce was Lieutenant Edward Słowik, an officer of Hewish nationality who had Major Timoshenko as his
"adviser" to the NKVD officer. At the time of the crime, out of about 50 employees of th e then Siedlce UB,
about 20 were of Jewish nationality. According to historian Marek J. Chodakiewicz, most of the participants of
the kidnappings and murders of 16 former soldiers of the independence underground in Siedlce, including
Braun (Bronek) Blumszt ajn and Hersz Blumsztajn, were transferred to other places for business (see MJ
Chodakiewicz, op. Cit., P. 466). Among the criminal investigation officers of Jewish origin, it is worth
mentioning separately Major (Izaak) Ignacy Maciechowski, deputy head of Department IV of the GZI in 1949 -
1951. According to the Mazur's commission report, he was conducting an investigation against General Tatar,
Col. Uziębło, col. Sidorski, Col. Barbasiewicz, Col. Hurkowski and Major Wacek, using very brutal interrogation
me thods. Several of the officers tortured by Maciechowski, after pleading guilty, were sentenced to death by
Stalinist courts, Colonel Scibor, Colonel Barbasiewicz and Colonel Sidorski (see T. Grotowicz, Ignacy
Maciechowski, "Our Poland" of February 10, 1999 ).
A separate, extensive topic, which I am presenting here briefly, is the case of numerous responsible judges
of Hewish origin, such as the aforementioned prosecutor :elena Wolioska (Fajga Mindla -Danielak) or judge
Maria Gurowska. Let us list here, among o thers such people as the deputy prosecutor general of the People's
Republic of Poland, Henryk Podlaski, the deputy head of the Supreme Military Court and the head of the


Military Board, Oskar Szyja Karliner (he led to such a management of positions in this board by officers of
Jewish origin that this institution was maliciously called the "Chief Rabbinate of the Polish Army") , the head of
the Main Information Board of the Polish Army, Col. Stefan Kuhl, prosecutor Benjamin Wajsblech, judge
Stefan Michnik, L t. Filip Barski (Badner), Capt. Franciszek Kapczuk (Nataniela Trau), prosecutor Henryk Holder,
judge of the Supreme Military Court Marcin Danzig, judge Col. Zygmunt Wizelberg, judge Aleksander Warecki
(Weishaupt), prosecutor Col. Kazimierz Graff, Judge Emi l Merz, Col. Hózef Feldman, Col. Maksymilian Lityoski,
Col. Marian Frenkel, Col. Naum Lewandowski, prosecutors in the General Prosecutor's Office: Benedykt
Jodelis, Paulina Kern, Col. Feliks Aspis, Col. Eugeniusz Landsberg. Only in 1968. About 1,000 people left the
former government apparatus, disgraced by their participation in the secret services of the UB, etc. (according
to the information provided on March 12, 1993 in a television broadcast by Colonel H. Poksioski, an
outstanding researcher of recent h istory). And let us remind you that some of the Jewish security service
officers and murderers, the most discredited by the actions of the terror apparatus, left Poland earlier, in the
first years after 1956. Compare these data with J.T., who is trying to diminish the role of Jews in the repression
apparatus. Gross, writing down comments about "a few dozen Jews" "acting as Stalin's henchmen."

Among the most ruthless prosecutors of Jewish
origin was Kazimierz Graff, son of the merchant
Maurycy Graff and teacher Gustawa Simoberg, former
chairman of the Warsaw Academic Antigett Committee
in 1937 -1938. Feb ruary 26, 1946 as the vice -prosecutor
of the Emergency Cases Department of the District
Court in Siedlce, during an away session in Sokołów
Podlaski, he led to the condemnation of 10 Home Army
soldiers to death. The very next day, Graff issued an
order to shoot the convicted Home Army soldiers, "so
that they would not have time to submit a plea for
pardon, which they are entitled to by law" (according
to: T.M. Płużaoski, "The case of prosecutor Graff",
"High Time", 6 July 2002). Thanks to his ruthlessness,
after a series of court murders, Graff was quickly
promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief Military
Prosecutor in the rank of colonel. He was the main
prosecutor in the case of the Polish Underground Army
commanded by Cpt. Stanisław Sojczyoski "Warszyca",
lea ding to the death sentences against "Warszyca" and
a number of other co -accused. The Main Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against the Polish Nation
determined that "there was a judicial murder in this case." Graff "became famous", among others a s a co -
author of the indictment in the fabricated trial of General S. Tatar and other senior soldiers, which was to
uncover a "conspiracy in the army". However, the indictment prepared by him was considered to contain
many accusations "too naive and had to be processed by two much more experienced than Graff specialists
from Stalinist investigations - A. Fejgin and H. Różaoski. There are many detailed testimonies of Hewish authors
proving that the dominant Jews in the Stalinist UB were Jewish chauvinists - Poles who simply vented their
hatred towards defenseless Poles. This is the opinion of Teofila Welntraub, a Jewish woman of descent, in
Ruta Pragler's interview collection "Żydzi czy Poles" (Warsaw 1992, p. 120): Różaoski, his secretary told me
that he was a Pole. He hated people. I already wrote that the famous the deputy director of the investigation
department of the Ministry of Public Security, a Hew Hózef Light (Fleichfarb), tortured many personally Polish


patriots, especially cruelly during interrogati ons of the activists of the former National Party. Światły's superior,
Roman Romkowski (Natan Grunspan -Kikiel) in a statement made on October 10, 1954. stated that in various
revelations of Światła there was an ever stronger nationalist -Jewish way of react ing to certain personal actions (see S.
Marat, J. Snopkiewicz, "People of security", Warsaw 1990, p. 23). Another creator of the security service, director of
the investigative department Anatol Fejgin, was known for numerous denunciations against river "P olish nationalists"
already in the Lviv period 1939 -1941. A Jewish chauvinist, a hunter of "Polish nationalism" and "anti -Semitism" was
Jakub Berman, the main responsible for Stalinist crimes in Poland, who combined responsibility in the Political Bureau
of the Central Committee of the Polish Workers 'Party and later the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers'
Party for security matters with the supervision of ideological life and culture. He waged an inexorable fight against
the Polish national her itage, in accordance with the principle proclaimed by him that any flirtation with Polish
national feelings will lead to "releasing the evil spirits of Poland, including anti -Semitism (see the book by the
philosopher An¬drzej Wałicki, otherwise very friend ly with our foreheads). With those "Europeans" entitled "Captive
mind after years", Warsaw 1993, p. 329). Berman, who should hang on the gallows for his crimes against Poles, had
the audacity many years later - in 1981. to convince Toraoska that Polish soc iety is very anti -Semitic in its consistency.
The essential information of the above text can be found in the book by historian Jerzy Robert Nowak entitled Crimes
of the UB, Warsaw 2001.
Judicial murderer Jew Stefan Michnik, former name Szechter brother of the current editor -in-chief of "Gazeta
Wyborcza" Adam Michnik, their father sentenced to 10 years in prison for espionage for the USSR before the war,
Stefan Michnik was immediately promoted to the rank of captain at the age of only 27, despite the fac t that he did
not have a high school diploma, he "deserved" so much his zeal in fabricated political trials. As a second lieutenant,
he was a judge in the fabricated trials of Major Zefiryn Machalli, Col. Maksymilian Chojecki, Major Jerzy Lewandowski,
Col. Stanisław Wecki, Maj. Zenon Tarasiewicz, Lt. Romuald Sidorski, Lt. Alexander Kowalski. Hanuary 10, 1952 Major Z.
Machalla, who was sentenced to death by Stefan Michnik, was executed at the age of 37 (he was rehabilitated
posthumously on May 4, 1956). Dece mber 8, 1954 Col. Stanisław Wecki, who was sentenced by Michnik to a 13 -year
prison sentence, died less than a month after giving him a break from the prison sentence. Fortunately, the death
sentences were not carried out on Col. M. Chojecki and Maj. J. Le wandowski. =n 1951 Maj. Karol Sęk was executed on
the basis of the sentence of S. Michnik (in the trial of the NSZ Podlasie - the crime was completely unknown. Yes,
Stefan Michnik sentenced the NSZ soldiers to death. ADWO - KACI. Let us add to the above de scriptions the role of
some lawyers of Jewish origin. the type of "defender" in political trials was represented, for example, by the lawyer of
Hewish origin Mieczysław (Mojżesz) Maślanko. to stop the wheel of history "(according to: TM Płużaoski, Adwo -kac i,
in:" The :ighest Time ", Hanuary 26, 2003). =n a similar way, Maślanko" defended " - accusing the head of the 2nd
Main Directorate of WiN Col. Franciszek Niepokólczyoski, the famous Łupaszka ", that is Major Zygmunt Szendzielarz,
commander of the 5th Vil nius Brigade of the Home Army, nationalist Adam Dobo -Szyoske, Captain Witold Pilecki and
co -defendants, General August Emil Fieldor fa "Nila" (Maślanko agreed with most of the alleged evidence of "guilt" of
gen. "Nil"). And so the examples of the crimes of Jews against the Polish nation can be endlessly multiplied. Jewish
communists from the USSR bear responsibility for the murder after September 1, 1939. prisoners of war and the
Polish intelligentsia in Katyn, Miednoje, Ostashkov, Kharkiv, Starobielsk, Koz ielsk - this is revenge for preventing the
spill -over in 1920. Jewish communism all over Europe.
It is estimated that from 1944 to 1956 the Jewish -communist authorities in Poland murdered 600,000 Poles.
These figures are an estimate, because the Jewish death squads, known as PPR militias, murdered without
court sentences, using natur al areas to obliterate their crimes. The UN failed to adopt a resolution
condemning communism for the crimes of genocide, which claimed 100 -120 million lives.
If such a resolution were adopted, the responsibility for the greatest murder in the history of t he world
would fall on the Jews, the creators and builders of communism, but could they then be after 1989? to take
over the governments of almost all European countries and build a JudeoEU -state? https://wolna -


It is 1945 - the Jew Jakub Berman lays the foundations for a new system in Poland - JEWISH - and this
system, which is alien to all ideologies, except one Talmudic one, is also valid in Poland today. Jewocracy
ignores and ignores any goyim rights - and e.g. Kwaśniewski's constitution is invalid by operation of law
because it is legally inadmissible. But that what mattered most to Jews was the provision contained in Art. 220
(2) ("The Budget Act may not provide for the coverage of the budget deficit by incurring liabilities with the
central bank of the state"), there fore it was sanctioned by Talmudic law. The Jew is bound by the Talmud,
therefore Jewish authorities adhere to the following Talmud laws;
"Son, pay attention to the words of the scribes, and not to the words of the law." see Erubhin, f. 21b. The
reason for this is in the treatise Sanhedrin X, 3, f.88b:
"Whoever deviates from the words of the scribes sins more than he who transgresses the word of the law."

Hózef Cyrankiewicz with Stalin
Hózef Cyrankiewicz was said to be of Hewish origin and his name was Cymerman, and even that he was the
illegitimate son of a Hewish banker and his maid. Piotr Lipioski. Cyrankiewicz, Czar ne Publishing House.
Cyrankiewicz, a member of the PPS, whose behavior as a prisoner in a concentration camp is very
controversial. The famous Hew, NKVD / KGB agent Maurice Shainberg aka Mieczysław Prużaoski:
"Cyrankiewicz, as a secret agent of the Gestapo in Auschwitz, was responsible for providing Jewish women as
prostitutes for the Germans. He treated them brutally, condemning gas to those who refused to serve the
Nazis." The origin of Cyrankiewicz, given after years of Jewish terror, as a descendant of the Polish
intelligentsia, should at least be regarded as ambivalent, because the same applies to Piłsudski -Selman and his
relative, the famous criminal, Dzerzhinsky. Jews with their Marxist Bolshevism, having experience in the
Russian organism of how to de stroy nations and their cultures, began to do the same in Poland after 1945.
Now, when after almost a century, they apparently left Russia, which they destroyed both in economic and
human power, they brought their element of Bolshevism to the Western marke t, creating the European
Union, while Poland and the entire post -Soviet system were harnessed as a slave contribution to this
seemingly different system than in CCCP, if it is so, I leave it to everyone for their own assessment. But to
understand this, one has to know the facts of how it began. Prof. Antony C. Sutton devoted his work entitled
"Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution" to the problem of financing the Bolshevik revolution in Russia by
the banking elite of Wall Street. It is based on numerous government documents and other sources, including
those in the archives of the US Department of State. Sutton's research also allows us to refute another legend
saying that Russia in 1917 was a very backward country, which was to be one of the decisive fac tors
determining the outbreak of the revolution in this country. It turns out that there were already hundreds of
medium and large industrial enterprises around Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Omsk.
The enormous natural resources also p layed an important role in the Russian economy. For example, it can be
stated that in 1900. Baku's oil fields produced more oil than the United States, and in 1901 .
Jews with their Marxist Bolshevism, having experience in the Russian organism of how to destr oy nations and
their cultures, began to do the same in Poland after 1945. Now, when after almost a century, they apparently
left Russia, which they destroyed both in economic and human power, they brought their element of


Bolshevism to the Western market, creating the European Union, while Poland
and the entire post -Soviet system were harnessed as a slave contribution to
this seemingly different system than in CCCP, if it is so, I leave it to everyone for
their own assessment. But to understand this, one ha s to know the facts of how
it began. Prof. Antony C. Sutton devoted his work entitled "Wall Street and the
Bolshevik Revolution" to the problem of financing the Bolshevik revolution in
Russia by the banking elite of Wall Street. It is based on numerous gov ernment
documents and other sources, including those in the archives of the US
Department of State. Sutton's research also allows us to refute another legend
saying that Russia in 1917 was a very backward country, which was to be one of
the decisive factor s determining the outbreak of the revolution in this country.
It turns out that there were already hundreds of medium and large industrial
enterprises around Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and
Omsk. The enormous natural resources also play ed an important role in the
Russian economy. For example, it can be stated that in 1900. Baku's oil fields
produced more oil than the United States, and in 1901 more than half of all global mining.
The state budget rose from 1,200 million at the beginning o f his reign to 3.5 billion rubles. Budget revenues
grew steadily, and so did state budget reserves. In 10 years, these reserves amounted to more than 2 billion
rubles. Central bank gold reserves of 648 million in 1894. increased to 1,604 million in 1914. T he budget was
growing without introducing new and raising existing taxes. The increase in budget revenues was only the
result of the economic growth of the state. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, the Russian
government could allocate a sum of two billion rubles in gold for various needs of the state. This is a colossal
sum and it is doubtful whether any state of the time had a budget of this size. Railroads and telegraph
networks have doubled. The river fleet has developed significantly. At that t ime, it was the largest river fleet in
the world. In 1895. in Russia there were 2,539, and in 1906 4,317 ships.
Above we have the actual causes of the Russian Revolution, in short
there was something to steal and no Jew would miss such an
Out of 545 Bolshevik commissioners, 447 commissioners were Jews, this is
83 percent. There were also a few Latvians and others, and only 5% were
Russians. The government of workers and peasants is therefore not
composed of workers or peasants - it is not ev en composed of Russians, as
we can see. The Jews needed workers to destroy the Christian owners. When
they achieved this with the help of the workers, they kept their booty and
rule to themselves. Before the revolution, they did not lead the workers -
they seduced them. In Jewish Captivity p.72 The rule of the Jews brought
terror instead of bread, exactly as the Jews planned at their secret meeting of
the Sanhedrin, or the Supreme Jewish Council of the turn of the 20th century
in 1896, in Protocol No. 1 we read; "People with bad drives are much more
numerous than good ones, so the best results in governing people can be
achieved through rape and fear, not through academic trials, every man strives for power, everyone would like to be a
dictator, if he could, let him at the same time rarely, who would not be willing to sacrifice the general good for personal
ends. LAW RELIES ON FORCE, what has tamed the predatory animals called h umans? What was driving them so far?
During the formation of the social system, pe ople succumbed to blind and brutal force, and then to law, which is
nothing but the same force, but masked. Hence the conclusion that, according to the laws of nature, force is the essence
of the law. " In 1918, the anarchist Lev Czerny argued that the faith of the Bolsheviks (Jews) was based solely
on the belief that the proletariat of the whole world was a gelatinous mass that wo uld succumb easily to the
Jews, provided that in any country the intelligentsia was destroyed. Cause of the World Boiling "THE


MORN=NG POST" Warsaw 1921. Only one Hew, Łazar Kaganowicz, was personally responsible for killing twenty
million people. It was h e who stood on the ruins of the Christian church and proclaimed: “Mother Russia has
been thrown! We ripped off her skirts! "Apart from Kaganovich, there were other Jews who contributed to
the massacre of Christians under the cruelest circumstances: Ilya Eh renburg, Natalfy Frenkel, Mathias Berman,
Genrikh Jagoda (underwear pervert), and finally Lavrenti Beria was not only a mass murderer of peasants, but
also a bloodthirsty sex maniac and the pedophile who buried the children in his basement - probably alive . "At
no other point in world history has any other country been so saturated with Jewish influence as the Soviet
Union in 1917 –1953, the time of the great gulags and the merciless slaughter of peasants."
The total loss of Russia's population in 1917 -1959 w as 110 million people.
These data are the result of the work of I. A. Kurganov, a Russian
demographer, doctor of economic sciences. According to Jewish plans, the
Jews postponed the same terror they carried out in the USSR against Poles;
Characteristic is the type of instruction given by the Polish executioner, the
Jewish woman "Krwawa Luna" - NKVD Colonel Prajs -Brystigier, to officers at
briefings: "In fact, the entire Polish intelligentsia is against the communist
system and there is virtually no chance o f her re -education. So it remains to
eliminate it. However, since it is impossible to make the mistake made in
Russia after the revolution of 1917 by exterminating the intelligentsia and thus
delaying the country's economic development, a system of pressur e and terror
should be created so that representatives of the intelligentsia do not dare to
be politically active. Brystiger on behalf of the Jewish criminals of Beria and
Jakub Berman's delegate to Poland (Marek Borowski still has the same family
name, SL D is still active - now a senator) supervised the first stage of the
investigation - she personally tortured the detained, had her own sophisticated methods of bullying them, e.g.
she whipped men after genitals and trimmed them with a drawer. It cannot be ignored at this point that the
scale of the murder and terror was terrifying in the form of the genocide they committed against the Polish
nation. As part of the so -called Polish operation of the NKVD in 1937 –1938, the "first nation to be punished"
were Po les - according to the apt definition of Mikołaj =vanov, paying a generous blood tribute only for being
Poles. "Punished" - but for what ?! For being Poles? After all, they were most often those, or their children
and grandchildren, who had grown so deeply into the Russian soil that they did not decide to return after the
Peace of Riga in 1921 to the Reborn Poland, to the historic Homeland of their ancestors. About this, among
others we can find in various information whether they are witnesses or researche rs of the problem, for
example, the appointed Historical Commission, which, based on secret documents, developed "Martyrdoms
of Poles in the northern and western part of Russia 1919 -1953 ″ *original title: Мартиролог поляков, граждан
ССССР на Северипи 1919 (1937 -1938) 1953] consisted of 40 people: half Poles living in Russia and half native
Russians. The chairman of the commission was a Pole, a Catholic priest. As a result, the book was created,
which does not contain the entirety and scale of the destructi on of Poles in the territory of the entire USSR,
and refers to the archival materials that were made available to this commission, and how many documents
were destroyed, how many were not made available - it is not known. The time frame of this martyrdom o f
Poles is given in the title. The book covers only part of the area of the USSR, interestingly enough, the book
could have been created thanks to the fact that the materials were made available to the Polish side by
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, transla ted in 2014. The title of this study is: "Martyrdom of Poles in the northern
and western part of Russia 1919 -1953", in this study only a small percentage of Polish victims is mentioned. It
would appear from the title that this applies only to some of the m urders of Poles in Russia. The authors
gained access to some secret Russian archives. Poles living permanently in the Russian Federation constitute a


significant part of the authors' team. The murders of Poles were carried out by the NKVD. At the same time ,
the same NKVD murdered about twenty million Russians.
The study lists the places of execution, the number of murdered people and the names of decision makers.
One can only guess that the purpose of this study is to show that the decision -makers of these m urders were
not Russians and that the Russian nation is not responsible for the martyrdom of Poles in the East. According
to various sources, the Holocaust of Poles is estimated from 12 to 15 million Polish victims, Russia still hides
the scale of Polish v ictims from Poles, researchers of the problem have sources and material documents that
will be revealed like all other secrets in a timely manner. -polakow -w-polnocnej -i-zachodniej -czesci -rosji -1919 -
Israeli newspape r "Maariv" from July 21, 1971. reveals the final secret of the Katyn massacre.

The Jew Abraham Vidro, already in Israel, informed that he worked for the Russian government during the
Second World War. D uring this time, he met three Jewish officers from the NKVD. One of them was Major
Joszua Sorokin, who informed Vidra that he had personally participated in the liquidation of 15,600 Poles in
Katyn. These Poles were the intellectual elite of the part of Po land that was occupied by the Russians in 1939.
Stalin wanted to liquidate this leading layer of the Polish nation in order to prevent the emergence of
resistance in the future communist state. When this information reached the Poles, Count Stefan Zamoyski - a
member of the Polish government in exile in London, flew to Israel to check its credibility. Upon hearing the
details from Vidra, he found the story true. The Thunderbolt of November 1972 wrote that Stalin had
commissioned the supervision and executio n of this mass slaughter of Poles exclusively to Jews, because he
knew that his fellowmen hated Poles. Stalin decided that only one national race that hated Poles could do so.
The historical hatred that arose between Jews and Poles exceeds that that arose between Germans and Jews.
We learn about the truth from the confessions of a Polish Jew from Israel named Abraham Vidro. Abraham
Vidro confessed that:
1.) The commanders of the camps in Kozelsk, Starobielsk and Ostashkov were Jews:
Raichman, Merku łow, Urbanowicz
2.) The leaders of the mass executions were members of the Minsk GPU police station: Lew
Rybak, Chaim Finberg, Abraham Borisowicz
3.) The crime was carried out by: Bogdan Zaharewicz, Kobulow, Begman, Elman, Estrin, Krongauz,
Lejbkind, J. Raichman, Abakumow, Milstein (transport), Serow, Abram Borysowicz, Lew
Rybak, Chaim Finberg, Major Joshua Sorokin, Captain Alexander Suslov, Captain Samyun Tikhonov. -izraelska -gazeta -maariv -z-21 -lipca -1971 -r-wyjawia -kocowy -sekret -katyskiej -masakry
Rzeczpospolita April 21, 01 No. 94 Aleksander Klugman from Tel Aviv: "The slaughter in Katyn was the greatest


military crime in recent history that has ever been committed against prisoners of war of another nation. The
Jewish nation is responsible for these crimes. The order was issued by two [in the original!] Jews. : St alin and
Beria. The fact that Stalin was a (Georgian) Jew was already mentioned on March 30, 1950 by David
Wieseman in the kosher periodical "The Bnai -Brith Message". Hosef David Dżughashvili, Dzug means "Hew"
"schwili" in Georgian (ებრაელი) "Means" child. "During the revolution in Russia, Stalin called himself"
Kochba. "Kochba was the Jewish leader of the Third Uprising against Rome (132 -135). As we can see here, the
Jews murdered over 40,000 representatives of the Polish intelligentsia. Molotov said at a session of the
Supreme Soviet of the USSR on October 31, 1939 the number of "about 250,000" Polish soldiers taken
prisoner. According to Mieltiuchow's data (Ukrainian and Belarusian Fronty, the Soviet novella was 454,700
Polish prisoners of war. About 250, 000 prisoners were released immediately, and 125,000 were transferred to
the NKVD. The NKVD, in turn, released Polish soldiers of Belarusian and Ukrainian origin, and 43,000 soldiers
born in Greater Poland were handed over to the German authorities. Accord ing to approximate calculations,
after the release of Greater Poland, Ukrainians and Belarusians, on November 19, 1939, there were
approximately 40,000 Polish prisoners of war, including 8,500 officers, 25,000 non -commissioned officers and
6,500 policemen. “None of the above -mentioned people were Russian! It was all the same nation, the same
people who started murdering Poles from the time they took over the rule over these lands. Without telling
this truth, the fate of Poles or Russians is doomed to failur e. Both Russia and Poland are contaminated by the
presence of Jews and their supporters in all structures of the state. And this is certainly the main cause of
conflicts in the politics of both countries. The crimes of genocide: - Katyn, Kozielsk, Starobie lsk, Ostaszkowo,
Kuropaty, Miednoje, Bykownia, Kharkov. It was the Jewish commissars who shot defenseless Polish officers in
the back of the head ”! “There was a very specific directive from Moscow to camp commanders on this
matter. During the execution of Polish officers, NKVD Jews put their documents in the clothes of the dead,
and took the Polish ones and destroyed them on a commission. They immediately received other papers for
other than their names. Such operations were confirmed during interrogations in Moscow and are
documented in our archives. Not a single Jew from the Polish army died in Katyn. During Khrushchev's tenure,
counterintelligence was urgently tasked with interrogating all NKVD officers who carried out the executions of
Polish officers. They testified the truth to us under the threat of legal and criminal sanctions. After all, I
supervised these interrogations and read all the protocols. When we took your army prisoner, there were also
Jews among Poles. But in Ostashkov, Kozelsk and Staro belsk, according to Beria's directive, selections were
made and every Jew was immediately taken away. Uniformed and armed, he was incorporated into the NKVD.
" excerpt: “Without fear. Old and new memories ”Volume 1, pp. 304 -305, Warsaw 2009, Author: Albin Siwak.
Having, at least a minimum of knowledge, we already know that Poles were subjected to an exceptionally
perfidious policy of enslavement, after the departure of the Soviet troops, they left behind a tribe of torturers
and murderers of the Polish natio n hostile to Poles, whose aftermath is present in today's politics, what is
worse after 1989 this reptile changed red to black skin, deceiving godly Polish people with its hypocrisy, while
dancing on the graves of our fathers, it claims to be their success or and not their torturer. But on every
occasion, such a Duda (president on behalf of PIS) reveals the mask of an angry Jew, accusing us Poles of anti -
Semitism - this is already an open manifestation of hostility, rudeness, but also a sign of terror.
"Fro m the time when our compatriots such as Kuroo, Modzelewski, Mazowiecki and other members of KOR
mastered" Solidarity ", subordinating its main activists, in" Polityka ", which for twenty years has been OUR
BODY, although addressed to Polish goyim (...). An attentive reader, whether ours or gentiles, knows why this
is so: it is the path that leads us to take power in Poland. But on the other hand - it is also exposing our plans
and methods to the opinion of those wiser Polish gentiles who have seen through t he tactics of our nation. "
“The Lord knows well, Mr. Urban, that no force can take away our Hewry in character, in thinking, in behavior.
And therefore, if you write that your personality "is not co -constituted by any Jewish cultural or moral
tradition, religious or linguistic ”, the Lord knows well that the Lord is lying in this place, because it is not true.


The fact that you do not speak Yiddish at home, although this language is not foreign to you, just like your
grandparents, and the fact that you do not respect the Sabbath or carry a chicken to a butcher does not mean
that you do not feel like a Jew, yes like me, just like all Jews in Poland or anywhere in the world. "(...)" You
know very well, Mr. Urban, what the Talmud says about it and what the Supreme Court of our state of Israel
said not so long ago: "according to the Jewish religious law, a Jew remains a Jew in practically every situation,
even if he consciously changes his religion. " You know this perfectly well, because you know well those Jews
in Poland who convert ed themselves long ago, like Jerzy Turowicz or Tadeusz Mazowiecki, and having been
activists and journalists in the Catholic movement for years, they remain not only faithful to the ties and
dictates of their blood, but having access to the highest factors of the Church act in accordance with the
decisions of the Sanhedrin, the Kahal and our national raison d'état. (…) “A few days ago = saw you on
television in a discussion on a topic that you have no idea about. Four people (with the Lord) participated in
the discussion, including not a single goy. Is it just to make these goyim go to hell out of anger? I, a Jew,
couldn't look at it and turned off the TV. Because it looked like a provocation. Our, Jewish provocation against
Polish gentiles. For what? - I as k. There are maybe a hundred, maybe two hundred thousand Jews in Poland.
And when you look at television, it looks as if there are tens of millions of us in Poland. "(...) For you and for all
of us Jews, Poland is really just a club, the devices of which w e use life services, and that they would be like
the best - we put our people on the board of this "club". But for the goyim, the homeland is not just a club: it
is a whole bundle of deep bonds that we, too, maintain in our own Jewish people. Why does the Lord reveal
the whole truth about Jews? (...) Not only do you act like this, because unfortunately also other Jews in Poland
do it. They are pushing themselves to high positions, some industries and fields are dominated by almost one
hundred percent, and t hey do not know that today it is impossible to hide under Polish and false names,
because there is television that unmasks. And what will you say that your weekly "Polityka" employs only Jews
as journalists? And it is like that everywhere, and Poles, altho ugh goyim, are not so stupid again, one day they
will want to stand up for their rights. (...) "We tell the gentiles that we are not Jews, but Poles of Jewish origin.
So why these fairy tales about two nations? Why remind the gentiles that we Jews in Poland have not been
assimilated since the 13th century? :e clearly wrote that the Hews would not be assimilated in Życie
Warszawy no. 88 of 15.=V.81 in the article entitled "Children of One Land" Stanisław Podemski. :e wrote that
from the thirteenth century unt il today there are two nations in Poland: Polish and Jewish. (...) Now, when we
have mastered many state and social links, are creative associations, the press, radio, television, stage,
millions of Poles associated in Solidarity controlled by our people? When do we have a chance at the 9th Party
Congress to seize all power in Poland? You are irresponsible, Mr. Urban. You don't have to go with your
grandchildren to the circumcision, nor with the chicken to the butcher - the Kahal will not hold you
accountab le for this. But the Lord is not allowed to reveal to the gentiles the plans of our nation, its tactics
and plans in seeking power in the countries of the diaspora ”. =zaak Mosze Goldberg Wałbrzych, May 7,
1981 -islam/1264 -list -otwarty -i-m-goldberga -do -jerzego -urbana

The current state of affairs is that all key and decision -making positions are filled practically only from the
racist key by Jews or their subordinates, whether due to marital dependence, for example, such as
Komorowski, Duda or kept on a corrupt leash. Ta lmudists, starting with Berman, Minz, through Balcerowicz
and now Morawiecki, made Poland a field for plundering Poles, which is why Kwasniewski's Constitution was
so important, or more precisely; - this is the provision of Art. 220 of the illegal constitu tion gave Jews the
opportunity to plunder Poles, and although it is non -binding and unlawful, which also implies the
unlawfulness of the decision to recognize the validity of the referendum on this constitution, it is on the basis
of the Talmud that Jewish governments indebted and indebted Poles in Jewish commercial banks as if the
Polish government could not get into debt with the NBP. The attackers were aware that they had committed


crimes against the Polish Nation, therefore thanks to Bronisław Geremek and Aleksander Kwaśniewski, two
entries were withdrawn. Removed, the legal norm: "land and natural resources are the property of the
nation" and deleted entry: "Who acts to lose sovereignty, independence is punishable by imprisonment,
including the death penalty." Under the law of "goyim" it was unacceptable, but in accordance with the
Talmud That's why when a pe rson speaks against the facts about the rule of law and democracy in Poland, he
is either completely unaware or is of Jewish origin. The Pole knows perfectly well that he lives in a country
occupied by the Jewish minority. Governments based on violence and lawlessness of Jews. we call the goys
JEWISH, because they do not have any legal features embedded in Polish culture and the democratic
understanding of social relations - they are based on a simple definition; a Jew is always right, the legal norms
sanct ioned in Polish law are irrelevant here.
Jews introduced a public holiday called Hanukkah - which signifies the great victory of the Jews over? Since it
is burned outside of Israel only in Poland, it means a victory for the Poles. According to the Jews, the
refere ndum on the adoption of Kwasniewski's constitution was irrelevant to Poles, because only referenda of
significant importance to Poland, according to Talmudic judges, allegedly required over 50% of voters. This is,
of course, the typical Jewish jargon that is lawful and factual, but in keeping with the Talmud. So the system of
the HEW=S:OCRAT=ON. The Hew Hakub Berman created it this way; “The basic principle of this policy is the
creation of a governing apparatus composed of representatives of the Jewish pop ulation in Poland. (...) Every
Jew must have this conviction that all the others act next to him, shrouded in the same spirit leading to a
common goal ”, which is polin. =n Poland, all ballots are burned after the elections. Since the goyim should
never kn ow what the actual election results were - this is against all laws - only the criminal covers his tracks.
The referendum act of June 29, 1995. in art. 9, section 1 provided that the result of the referendum was
binding if more than half of those entitled to vote took part in it. Until the referendum referred to in the case
of the Constitution, the provisions of Art. 8 and 9 shall apply mutatis mutandis to article. 14 section 5. Which
means the absolute requirement of a minimum of 50% of eligible persons. A nticipating that the Constitution
would enter into legal circulation, the conditions of Art. 9 and 13 simultaneously - it is enough that one of the
conditions has not been met to state with full legal force that there are no grounds for recognizing the 199 7
Constitution as binding. http://prawo.sejm.g
In the a / s referendum on the Constitution of Kwasniewski, the required 50% of the eligible voters did not
vote, but only 42.86% - so the actual version of the Constitution has been illegally a pplied since April 2, 1997.
But that the Talmud does not apply to the law in the Jewish system, the Supreme Court, according to the
Talmud, ruled on July 15, 1997. (reference number III SW 435/97), while the validity of the referendum was
approved by the J ewish council under the title for the goys, the National Assembly, using a self -created lie:
"the constitutional law has supremacy over ordinary statutes, the Constitution was therefore adopted". Ten
idiot -any contrary to elementary sophisticated knowledge and with the factual state, the study on the
Constitution of April 1997 became a trick. It happened against the society and the applicable legal norms. And
this is what democracy in democracy expresses the will of the people in democracy, and in Jewocracy no law
except the Talmud, the composition of the Supreme Court, recognizing the constitution of Kwasniewski,
applied the following law of the Talmud;
1. "The teachings of the Talmud are above all other laws. They are more important than the laws of Moses. -
Babbi Ismael, R. Chjamber and other rabbis.
2. "Son, pay attention to the words of the scholars in P making, and not to the words of the law." see Erubhin,
f. 21b
Jewish governments will not tell you that all elections are illegal because they d o not meet the
requirements of the laws of the law that Poles have signed; The Copenhagen document was signed on June
29, 1990. at the CSCE conference in Copenhagen on human rights (Conference on Human Dimension). -i-schowali -podpisali -w-imieniu -polski -zapomnieli -przetlumaczyc -na -polski/


There is no question of meeting these condi tions in Poland. Few have the right to effectively run for the Seym,
it is not possible to run for a seat individually, this privilege is reserved for nationwide parties that benefit
from enormous state subsidies. The Polish law on elections to the Sejm do es not meet these conditions.
Therefore, no matter who you vote for, only a Jew or his henchman dependent on a Jew can practically be
elected - colloquially known as the Sabbath goy. Poles, as goyes, are to pay 3.3 million tax to move. Jews to
Poland, such is the postulate of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland. This call was made at the 1st
International Congress in Berlin (May 11 -13, 2012), points 2. The "reintegration" tax to cover the costs of
bringing 3.3 million Jews to Poland. And in point 3 He brew as the second official language in Poland. But Poles
are already paying for all the Jewish hustles, such as the deliberations of the Jewish Knesset in Poland -
Taxpayer how long will you let yourself be plundered? Remember what your grandfather and gr eat -
grandfather said about the betrayal of the Jews. Poland is the homeland of Poles, never Jews, they received
hospitality, shelter and bread in Poland in return, they murdered the Polish Nation and now, not for the first
time, they intend to take Poland from us, Poles, just like Palestine from the Palestinians. The ROŻwP begins to
take very real shapes. The movement from artistic fantasies quickly moved to formulating specific demands.
The leader, as in the film, is Sławomir Sierakowski. :ere is what the leftist ideologist writes on the ROŻwP
website: Here are my proposals for changes in Poland: 1. Polish citizenship for all immigrants. 2. The
"reintegration" tax to cover the costs of bringing 3.3 million Jews to Poland. 3. Hebrew as the second official
language in Poland. 4. Termination of the concordat. 5. House of Minorities instead of the Senate. Sierakowski
emphasizes that his idea is only seemingly utopian. He believes that with commitment, mutual trust and unity,
his Movement is able to "give dreams a democratic mandate". The Movement Manifesto begins with the
words: We want to come back! Not to Uganda, not to Argentina, not to Madagascar, not even to Palestine.
We miss Poland, the land of our ancestors. -drugim -jezykiem -urzedowym -w-
People with a level that recognize respect for o ther people can talk to each other - a Jew and there are
millions of them in Poland is a chauvinist and racist - he will cause confusion and rudeness, because in his
culture and religion all non -Jews are not human, but lies and all methods of manipulation in this and
intimidation are sacred to a Hew: “The Talmud is the norm of the behavior of the Hews and a mirror of their
soul. This name means science. "The Talmud is the religious necessity of life for the Jews. Even the old
teachers put his words above th e teachings of the Torah; for there are numerous contradictions in written
science that can only be resolved by the Talmud - written science is superfluous than the Talmud because it
contains it, not the opposite "... So the Talmud creates the essence of J ewry, and" Jewry without the Talmud is
impossible. " This is what the rabbis declare in the official dispute with Catholic clergy in 1240. June 25,
defending the Talmud from charges against him. Nothing has changed in this respect, because also according
to today's Jews the Talmud "teaches the highest ethical principles". Cfr. G. Wolt ", Das Tridentinische Concil
und der Talmud - Wien 1885, p. 14" priest Stanisław Trzeciak
Maria Dąbrowska: Hews filled all positions, including scientists, writers, jour nalists and actors, who
remained at their post regardless of changing politicians and stuck firmly to the course chosen after the war.
Hence, we have such and no other post -war flagship poets and writers, and this and no other narrative about
noble and pre -war Poland, and the screenings of great national works; what's more, following the appearance
of the actors - this is the image of what Poles look like, surprisingly similar to Hollywood actors, where Jewry is
leading and representatives of other nations are like raisins in a cake. This happened not because there are no
talented, intelligent and even genius Poles, but because Poles were removed from any role that could decide
the fate of Poland, and what was more capable or active were murdered, exiled, or harassed and destroyed;
only traitors or the naive could stand out. By the way, no records are needed, because thanks to inbreeding,
they have their records written on their mouths. Learn to distinguish these few characteristic features of
Jewish "beauty" and your hair will stand on end when you look at most of the photos of people who mean


anything in Poland. If all these people had no evil intentions - they would not change their surnames and often
even their names and would not pretend to be Catholics, w ell, but "you will know them by their fruits", and
everyone can see the fruits we have - Poland is in ruins (cosmic debt public) and stands for prostitution; the
denial of the facts, the obvious truth that the Jews, who since 1945 have occupied all higher positions,
positions, offices and sinecures (well -paid positions that do not require any work), occurs only with a Jew or a
Nowadays, the Jews in Poland do not care about equal rights, which no one denies them, but they strive
for the guarante e of the Jewish -national identity of POLIN, to which no nation can suicide. As in this example,
we can see that there will always be little for Jews - they have to yoke the nation in which they parasite - and
this is what happened after 1989 - where the Je ws practically took over the total domination of Poles -
mockingly pretending to be Poles to spread hatred and contempt for of the Polish nation in the entire system
of institutional agencies such as museums, cinematography, the press, etc. The plunder of Poles by Jews has
already become open and public. 1989 did not bring changes and liberation from the so -called "Judeo -
communes" but a truly Jewish transformation of the same reptile that turns red skin into black, remaining in
essence as hostile to Poles a nd Poland as the one in 1945. “Analyzing the list of personalities on the right side
of the round table gives a very depressing picture. There were about 51 Jews and about 13 Poles, which
means that the Jews controlled the situation and decided on the cont ent of the agreement. It was all the
easier for them as Poles such as Wałęsa, Woźniakowski and Wielowiejski collaborated with them, completely
subordinated to their interests. Jews also controlled the Clubs of Catholic Intelligentsia and the Citizens'
Comm ittee of Lech Wałęsa. Such composition of the round table was decided by the secretary of the Polish
Episcopate, Archbishop Bronisław Dąbrowski, a Hew. That is why there were no representatives of the true
right -wing opposition of the Home Army's independe nce underground, exiles and emigrants from the West.
The Zionists won the round table and began to rule Poland in partnership with the post -communist. A Jewish
transformation began, the result of which is today's crisis, the sale of almost all national wea lth into foreign
hands, attacks on Poland and Poles, and a great attempt to deprive us of independence by bringing us into the
European Union. " late Andrzej Reyman, attorney -at-law - founder and publisher of the monthly magazine
"Najniejsza Rzeczypospolit ej", son of Stefan Reymann, a soldier of the Polish Legions, murdered in Oświęcim,
camp number 10392. -jest -kim -okragly -stol -jak -to-syjonisci -polske -
dzielil i/
In Poland, after the war, the Jewish maneuver of impersonating Poles was practiced, as was done in Russia
where Jews impersonated Russians here is an example list of Bolshevik Jews who took Russian and other
surnames, and thus: Steklov is Nachamkes - Ziwowjew is Apfelbaum - Trotsky is Bronsztejn - Kamieniew is
Rozenfeid - Suchanów is Gimmer - Gorjew is Goldma n - Meszkowskij is Goldberg - Łaryn is Łurje - Czerewanin
is Libkin - Firsow is Rozenblum - Ortodeks is Akselrod - Liber is Goldman - Korelin is Sztejnberg - Martow is
Cederbautn - Kamkow is Kac - Szymkina is Szymkina Jawejn - Dan to Gurewicz - Anskij to R appaport - Wodzicki
to Primo - Pelcer to Pilzner - Solncew to Goldsztejn - Czernow to Liberman - Zwezdzicz to Fensztejn - Kaminskij
to Hofman - Banakow to Fundamenckij - Riazanow to Goldenbach - Porwus to Gotdfab, - Baranów to Hoffe -
Zagorskij is Krachmal nik - Radek is Sobelson - Leszczyoski is Zynger - Suchanów is Chamer.
Would a Pole and a Catholic allow an organization hostile to Poland to be reactivated ?! Why do the
Kaczyoskis declare Christianity and pay tribute to Hewish organizations that a im to destroy Christians? In 2007,
after almost 70 years of non -existence, the Jewish organization - B'nai B'rith - Loża Polin was reborn in Poland.
The activity of B'nai B'rith in Poland was interrupted by the decree of the President of the Republic of Po land
Mościcki of November 22, 1938, dissolving anti -Polish masonic organizations in Poland. The re -installation of
the box took place exactly on September 9, 2007. with the consent of the President of the Republic of Poland
Lech Kaczyoski ?! Of course, the newspapers did not write about it, nor did the television report, but a
mention of it can be found on the website of the US Embassy in Poland. B'nai B'rith is Jewish, Nationalist,


Zionist and Masonic, and by nature and purposes an entirely anti -Christian organization. In Poland, the
organization called "Independent Order of the Sons of the Covenant" - Independent Order of B'nai B'rith
reactivated its activities on September 9, 2007 after almost 70 years of official absence. A special letter
expressing joy at reactivati ng the organization and with warm wishes was sent by the Chancellery of the
President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczyoski, whose secretary was Mrs. Ewa Huoczyk -Ziomecka, a
former consul in New York, known for her many philosemic
activities. She is a m ember of the "Open Republic"
organization fighting against Polish patriotism and national
ideas of the Polish state and a member of the "Jewish
Historical Institute" association . -
rezydenta_rp_lecha_kaczynskiego_do_bnai -brith.html
Mossad in Solidarity, or a few comments on the occasion of the
promotion of the new book by Dr. Cenckiewicz about Lech Wałęsa
"American funds, allocated to support the Solidarity movement,
were practically used to expand the Israeli intelligence network in
Poland." Judeopolonia. Ronald Reagan approved the plan that
involved the US Na tional Security Council working with the Mossad,
the Vatican, and the US trade union AFL -CIO in supporting the
Solidarity movement. CIA director William Casey paid a visit to Tel
Aviv to Mossad chief Ytzhak Hoffi, who released secret Mossad information abo ut Poland to the CIA. http://wolna - -w-solidarnosci -2-2017 -04
How are Jews now officially plundering Poles apart from scams? It is enough to follow the votes in the Sejm
in the last 8 years and so, for example, the so -called pensions for Jews under the rule of the Civic Platform
together with PIS and the rest of the people passed the law that actually plundered Poles. Not only that, such
criminals as Morel, murderers of the Polish nation from the UB living in Israel, receive "pensions" from the
Jewish invaders selected after 1989, such as UW, AWS, PC, Nowoczesna, PO and PIS not counting their
hybrids. Currently, since 2015. PIS good change - but for Jews cont. And who voted for the anti -Polish law?
They all voted for her as one. Also those from PO and PiS and Solidarna Polska. Nobody broke away, an d there
was never such a discipline in the Seym (maybe with the exception of the Seym of the People's Republic of
Poland). Only two MPs were against: Wojciech Szarama and Przemysław Wipler. May 28, 2014 An article
appeared on the website of the Israeli dai ly The Times of Israel, whose author, Raphael Ahren, informs that
from next year 50,000 Israelis who survived the war may receive pensions paid by Poland in the amount of
EUR 100 per month (approx. PLN 400). When describing the new regulations, "The Times of Israel" refers to
Sebastian Rejak, calling him the representative of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for contacts with the
Jewish diaspora. "(...) everyone living in Israel who was born as a Polish citizen is eligible for monthly benefits.
, suff ered during the war (the mere fact of being in the ghetto is enough) under German occupation or in
hiding. The same applies to his spouse. The same applies to the subsequent occupation - the Soviet one - until
1956. "" Benefits are granted to those who suf fered during the war. in occupied Poland or elsewhere, he was
forced to leave Poland or he was born after the war to a family that
was forced to leave Poland, and thus as a child he had a share in their
fate and persecution. ”=t follows that the benefits o f 100 euros, not
only will the direct victims of German Nazism or Soviet Communism
get, but also their children. caust or otherwise suffered by Nazi or
Soviet repression until 1956. The number of non -Israel residents
scattered around the world who can appl y for wages is unknown. This
could be much more eligible, considering that Israel has approximately
5.5 million Jews and over 7 million in the Diaspora. Wipler wrote on his


Facebook profile: " - Only two MPs (including me) voted against the regulations allow ing ZUS to pay special
retirement benefits, among others to victims of German totalitarianism. I was right again, I was almost alone
again." Act? Journal of Laws 1991 No. 17 item 75 of January 24, 1991 on veterans and some people who are
victims of war rep ressions and the post -war period in practice? Practically almost every Jew becomes entitled:
Art. 4. 1. The provisions of the Act shall also apply to persons who were subjected to war and post -war
repressions. According to the Act, repressions are the peri ods of residence:
2) in ghettos for national and racial reasons;
2. The provisions of the Act also apply to persons who, as children, were taken from their parents for
extermination or for the purpose of forced denationalization. Knowing the Jews of their pathological sense of
plunder, who will in terms of the facts, Jewish conclusions, Jewish governments in Poland? The answer is
obvious - the Jew writes the application and the Poles pay.
https :// -kolonia/placimy -240 -mln -zlotych -na -emerytury -dla -zydow/
After the war, the Jews completely disarmed the Polish nation, althoug h in Israel anyone can have an
automatic weapon carried like jewelry. Therefore, how weak one must be mentally weak to accept the jargon
of Jewish criminals, that Poles cannot have weapons because they will kill each other! Only the occupied
nations are pr evented from possessing weapons, because it is the duty of every citizen to stand up with arms
against the enemy. The Jews know this very well, therefore they follow the Talmud as always and disarm the
occupied countries, which is, of course, Poland; “=t w as taught that neither weapons nor instruments of
weapons could be sold to them, nor could they be sharpened, nor could they be sold a log with fetters, nor
neck chains, nor ropes, nor iron chains, neither gentiles nor Samaritans. Why? They wanted to say t hat they
are suspected of bloodshed ... R. Dimi b. Aba said: when it is
forbidden to sell a weapon to a gentile, it is forbidden to sell it
to an Israeli bandit. "R. Ada b. Ahaba said: they cannot be sold
iron plates, because they can make weapons from the m and
they can kill Jews. For these reasons, it was also ordered to be
very careful in any contact with them, because they were
always suspected of evil and criminal intentions. ”St. Trzeciak,
Talmud on Gentiles and the Jewish question in Poland
The authorit y in Poland is not the authority of Poland,
because it is the duty of the authorities of the Polish Nation to
equip or enable citizens to be equipped with weapons for
defense purposes. The behavior of Germans and Bolshevik Jews is always
the same - first, pick up the guns. After 1989, we have exactly the same
continuation of the regime of the anti -Polish gang pretending to be
representatives of the Polish nation. The gang planted by Jewish
Bolsheviks is responsible for the destruction of Poland's living pow er by
murdering the flower of the Polish nation in the UB terror system. Exactly
for the same purpose and action, this gang introduced extermination
mechanisms, including the use of sociological terror of scarcity pushing
Poles into poverty that would enta il forced emigration. Such action
actually ousted millions of the ethnic Polish population. Poles have no right to defend themselves, but bandits
usurp the right to destroy the Polish nation! A nation without weapons is left to the slaughter that Poles hav e
experienced many times, and it is from this fact that the teaching that Poles must and should not have at
home for defense purposes. Anyone who refuses to do so is, in fact, our mortal enemy. The document above
reflects this state of affairs best. The plunder of property is uninterrupted und er various appearances,


including by paying for the anti -Polish hatred that various Jewish agencies and individuals are waging against
the Polish nation.
But if it wasn't enough, the entire judicial and prosecution system is devastating the Polish Na tion - they
did it in 1945 -56, escalating the genocide against Poles and they did it after 1989, under the pretense of
fighting anti -Semitism against Poles, never against Jews.
Below is an example of the aggressive hatred of Jews towards Poles: When Piotr Rybak was in the market
square in Wrocław on November 18, 2015. he burned an effigy of a Hew expressing his disapproval of the
criminal actions of Soros and Jews like him, the entire system of Jewishocracy brought its anti -Polish
institutions against one P ole and sentenced an innocent man for expressing views rejecting Jewish anti -Polish
rabies to 10 months of imprisonment, so that it would not be enough, the courts are against all penitentiary
rules made Piotr Rybak as strict as the most dangerous of crimi nals. The functioning constitution of the
Republic of Poland expressed in theory in Art. 54. 1. reads: "Everyone shall be guaranteed the freedom to
express their views and to obtain and disseminate information." This means that both the form and manner of
artistic and media expression in order to express one's views of disapproval of Jewish racist and criminal
conduct must be respected and free from any repression. After all, no professional representative of the
judiciary in Poland can be so stupid as to o ppose the elementary constitutional foundations and the law in
general to persecute conscious Polish citizens for the fact that we raise concern by revealing the truth and an
anti -Polish conspiracy against the existence of the Polish nation. It is obvious that the representatives of the
judiciary are familiar with the legal interpretation expressed in the matter of freedom of speech and thus
following the preliminary ruling of the Supreme Court Ref. No. no. III SK 42/12 of July 2, 2013. we find:
Beginning w ith the convention standard, the Supreme Court states that the freedom of expression under Art.
10 sec. 1 of the ECHR covers not only the content of the statement, but also its form (judgment of the ECtHR
of 23 May 1991, application no. 11662/85 Oberschlic k (no. 1), § 57; judgment of the ECt:R of 1 Huly 1997,
application no. 20834/92 Oberschlick (no.2), § 34), as well as the media itself (ECt:R judgment of 10 Huly
2003, application no.44179/98 Murphy, § 61; ECt:R judgment of 28 Hune 2001, application no. 24 699/94 VgT
Verein gegen Tierfabriken , §66; EC:R judgment of November 8, 2012, application no. 43481/09 Peta
Deutschland, § 47). The wide scope of protection of the freedom of expression results from the fundamental
importance of this freedom in a democrat ic, pluralist society. According to the thesis repeatedly articulated by
the ECtHR, the freedom of expression "is not limited to information and views that are received favorably,
considered not offensive or neutral, but also applies to those that offend, outrage or cause anxiety" (ECtHR
judgment of 23 September 1994, application no. 15890/89 Hersild, § 31; judgment of the ECt:R of November
8, 2012, application no. 43481/09 Peta Deutschland, § 46). They exercise this freedom as a result of
statements which are not shared by the authorities or the majority of society. Freedom also includes shocking,
offensive statements that threaten the sensitivity of the recipients of the message (judgment of the ECtHR of
10 Huly 2003 in case 44179/98 Murphy, § 61). Therefo re, a very critical assessment of certain behaviors or the
lack of appropriate behavior of the authorities, whose duty is to protect the vital interests of the nation in
whose interest and indirectly exercises its power, is allowed. The abandonment of powe r is, in fact, the key to
the quarrel and the critical motives of statements intended to stimulate it (the power to behave properly) and
not to prosecute its citizens, thus giving an example of terror and, in fact, brutal regime actions. The
constitutional freedom of expression may be subject to restrictions in connection with Art. 31 sec. 3 of the
Constitution (the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of 12 May 2008, SK 43/05), provided that these
restrictions are provided for in the Act, are necessary for the protection of the values listed in this provision (in
particular public morality) and will apply to the exercise of this freedom, without violating its essence. Jewish
falsehood, LGBT -type demoralizing initiatives, manipulation and crime, as a rule, are not protected - and the
ritual epithet anti -Semitism does not entitle any legal entity to jam the essence of material material truth, the
aim of which is to protect the broadly understood social interest, and not to protect the essentially mafia -rich


gang of psychopathic organizations whose ideological basis is a crime wove n into the cover of pseudo -
Judaism. The essence is always expressed in the content of the binding determinants that lead or incite to
crime, not general but declarative generalities opposing both the practically expressed attitudes and opinions
of criminal s and their associates.

In the photo on the left, a poster that Jews hung
on Polish streets wi th the following text: "You
will not be Poles, you will collect food in garbage
cans. We have everything worked out; take it
easy, slowly, step by step. This country is too rich
for us to let you (Poles ) they left him. This is our
promised land "

In the se cond photo there is an objection
from the Jewish authorities in Poland - the
Warsaw Śródmieście District Prosecutor's
Office notifies the person who reported the
crime of promoting the hate speech against
the Polish Nation, of course the Warsaw
Śródmieście District Prosecutor's Office
refuses to prosecute the perpetrators who
put up the posters . In Poland, they publicly
propagate racial hatred towards Poles and
the authorities always do not react .

Jews commonly practice only and exclusively Talmudism by declaring the Mosaic faith, in this case it is not the
declaration that determines the essence, but the Talmud's guidelines and commands practiced by the general
public. Well, yes, but the law does not apply to Poles - the terrorist agendas of the Jewishocracy, in opposition
to the norms that they set themselves, made a public international inquisition against Piotr Rybak, but


actually against the Polish nation - the aim of ter ror is to intimidate. The judge, convicting Piotr Rybak for an
imaginary crime, brutally committed a crime against the Polish nation, publicly insulting us. Judge Marek
Górny, in his justification, exceeded the scope of his competence, accusing all Poles o f anti -Semitism, the use
of the term Polish anti -Semitic tradition directly offends the feelings and dignity of Poles. The court has
competence only in the legal framework, slandering Poles and insulting them as well as intimidating them
does not fall with in the competence of the court and such acts inciting hatred towards Poles and Poland can
not be consented to or any margin of acceptance, in view of the evident features of a crime, no crime has
even been initiated legal actions against him. Will we conti nue to allow this? And when a Jew directly calls for
the destruction of Poles, what is the prosecution doing? Of course, he refuses to prosecute Jewish bandits.
Jews are already openly calling for the destruction of the Polish nation, and despite the fact t hat such cases go
to the so -called of "justice" is always discontinued with the injunction of the Talmud. This is not much under
the rule of PIS in December 2017. the entire parliament, including the Civic Platform and the entire group of
anti -Poles, as if Polish deputies all voted against Poles again, the Sejm adopted an act on the transfer of PLN
100 million from the state budget to the perpetual fund of the Cultural Heritage Foundation, which will
finance the conservation work of the Jewish Cemetery in W arsaw. And you can recognize these Jews by the
fruits of their anti -Polonism, this time only 4 MPs were against, which means that the percentage of Poles in
the Seym is represented by only 0.86% of voters. Is this a democracy, or are we dealing with the st ate's
capture of a criminal ethnic minority that does not hide its hatred and hostility towards the Polish nation and
Poland? https://t,news,100 -milionow -na -cmentarz -zydowski -sejm -przyjal -ustawe,248257.html
During the previous term, i.e. the rule of the PO in 2007 -2015, PLN 200 million was transferred to the
Museum of the :istory of Polish Hews. Kaczyoski and their associates should be judged by their fruits, they
give a clear testimony of hostility towards the Polish
nation. =n 2005, Lech Kaczyoski, acting as the
Pr esident of Warsaw, decided to make a financial
contribution by Warsaw to the construction of the
Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which was
only PLN 40,000,000 in cash, but because Jews were
always not enough, Kaczyoski donated a plot of
12,929 m² at the expense of Poles. in the center of
Warsaw - according to the prices of plots in Warsaw,
worth PLN 130,000,000. Kaczyoski's merits to
building Polin cannot be overestimated: 1988 -
participates in the agreements in Magdalenka, 1989 -
participates in the round table, 2001 - as the
prosecutor general blocked the exhumation in
Jedwabne, 2005 - as the president of Warsaw, he proposed the establishment of a Jewish historical institute
(which hatred of Poles), 2006 - as the President of the Republic of Poland, he initiated the Hanukkah
celebration in the Presidential Palace, 2007 - as the President of the Republic of Poland, he signed the Lisbon
Treaty, 2007 - as the President of the Republic of Poland, he signed the foundation act of the Museum of the
History of Polish Jews, 2008 - as the President of the Republic of Poland, he paraded in the synagogue in the
yarmułka, of course, that's not all. -lecha -kaczynskiego -dla -muzeum -historii -zydow -polskich/
Israel Shahak argued that the history of the Jewish nation is characterized by business cycles in which Jews in
non -Jewish states acquire a status that consists in the fact that, in various ways, they lead to the elevation of
sympathetic rulers in such a state or the corruption of local elites and with their help to give themselves such
rights that allow the exploitation of the people of this country.


The facts that show how Jews, despite their nonsense promoted all over the world, do the opposite in
their home country: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is not playing with political correctness: "We will not
allow Israel to be flooded with a wave of illegal immigrants and terrorists" ... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu warned that his country would not agree to be flooded by immigrants from Syria and Africa. He
also announced that a fence would be built on the border with Jordan. -mieszaniu -ras -i-dlaczego -zydom -tak -na -nim -zalezy/
Ra cist Israel has no constitution, no democracy, no place for Palestinians in the Knesset - Jews have the
Talmud, but demand democracy from the whole world, that is, governments bought by Jewish banks and
created by the Jewish media. In summary, the Jew has no ideology, he constantly produces sly and criminal
nonsense such as communism, globalization, equality, and fraternity for the sake of the Gentiles - and he
himself always adheres to only one rule, which is the Talmud, and no other rule.

For 130 years of Russification, Poles have not experienced such an escalation of crime as in the hands of the
Jewish Bolsheviks, and even this fact should make Poles, victims of wars, think to the point. Once again, the
truth should be shouted out, it was the Jewish commissioners who shot defenseless Polish officers in the back
of the head! They did it under the cover of Stalin, but on their own initiative they already showed particular
zeal for a perverted crime, especially it is visible in the crimes agai nst Poles that Jews committed and allowed
from the beginning of the last century, in fact until today, only the scale and form of the crime have changed. .
They murdered Poles even after the end of the war in the structures of violence, crime and lawlessne ss: the
MBP / UB / SB / PZPR massively persecuted, destroyed, tortured and murdered Poles; Polish patriots,
Catholics, Polish scientists, Polish artists and Polish priests, Polish officers and Polish soldiers of the Home
Army, WiN, ZWZ, and so it continues to this day! The Institute of National Remembrance should be put under
pressure to disclose as much of this information as possible. It is also worth mentioning that in 1994 he was
the leader of the "Russian National Unity" party. The leader of the party "Russian National Unity", Aleksander
Barkaszow, gave an interview for "Życie Warszawy" in 1994, in which he said: "= know what a tragedy the
Katyn case is for you, but I declare: Polish officers were not shot by the Russians. We checked the ethnic
affiliat ion of the NKVD - perpetrators of the sentence. They were all Jews and followed the orders of others
who stood higher in the hierarchy of the time. Russians are naturally friendly towards Poland ”.

If the elite o f Poland and their descendants were alive, it would never have happened that, as is the case
today, the aftermath of bandits and criminals would have thousands of lucrative sinecures, because the
selection of personnel is practically not based on competenc es, education and professional preparation, but
only on the racist nationality key.
And to su mmarize this Jewish act of terror and genocide against Poles, the same Jews are now demanding
money from Poles - for what?
Jews as executioners and
torturers of Poles, through the
criminal Amyrian administration,
demand that the children of the
murdered vi ctims pay billions of
dollars to the descendants of
Jewish executioners Poles! To this
end, the US Senate showed the
face of the criminal under US Act

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