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Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills
Rules&Guidelines 2013 - 2014 TIMES is a European business case tournament in corporate strategy and eng ineering, which
has been organis ed successfully since 1994 . TIMES is the flagship project of ESTIEM, the
European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management. Once a year the t ournament
attracts around 1000 s tudents being challenged in their management and engineering skills
and competin g for the title of “IEM Student of the Year”.
For any questions related to the rules and g uidelines please contact
[ Go to Case Guidelines ]

The following rules are valid during the entire competition and may not be
1. A team must consist of 3 or 4 participants.
2. Participants must be students associated with a member of ESTIEM , or
Industrial Engi neering and Management students , studyin g for a Bachelor’s
or Master’s deg ree at an ESTIEM university for the duration of the
3. A minimum of two team members must be students from the university in
which the Local Qualificati on takes place.
4. A m inimum of two members must remain in the team from the Local
Qualification until the Final.
5. A maximum of two ESTIEMers from other Local Groups or e xchange
students of Industrial Engineering and Management program s of other
ESTIEM univ ersities are allowed to participate in one team.
6. A student can only participate in one Local Qualification and can only
represent one Local Group of ESTIEM per TIMES e dition.
7. The Local Qualifications, Semi - Finals and Final must all be held in English.

Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills
Rules&Guidelines 2013 - 2014 8. T here must be at least 2 teams competing in the Local Qualification for a
Local Group to be eligible to compete in a Semi Final.
9. All the cases not provided by Central TIMES must follow the Case
Guidelines and must be approved by the Case Quality Team
( casequality.times@estiem.org ) before being used in any Local Qualification .
10. All equipment used during the cases, for preparation, presen tations and
questions, must be provided by the organisers. Each team mu st be provided
with equal materials. Participants are not allowed to use t heir own
materials, except for non - graphic and function calculators and dictionaries.
11. In the context of cases, the preparation and presentation mu st be during the
same day. The team s must have between 3 and 4 hours for preparing a
case, 15 - 20 minutes for the presentation, and 10 - 15 minutes for questions
from the jury. There should be a buffer of at least 5 minutes between the
end of the preparation time and the start of the presentat ion, during which
all material must be collected from the team . There are different types of
time organisation, but for Semi - Finals and Final, ‘Time delaLVUHTXLUHd ( See
Competition Guideline Nr. 5 ). The questions from the jury must follow
immediately a fter the presentation. All teams must have the same amount
of time for preparation, presentation and q uestions .
12. The team must present an oral solution to the case. The teams are allowed
to use visual support material provided by the organisers during the
presentation . All teams must have the same provided materials .
13. During the whole competition other participants are not allowed to be in
the audience of other team’s presentations ( Exceptions clarified in Guideline
Nr. 5 ).
14. The organisers must inform the par ticipants beforehand about all rules
especially: solving time, presentation time, question time, and provided
15. For each case day, t he jury must consis t of at least 3 members.

Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills
Rules&Guidelines 2013 - 2014 16. Students without a Master’s degree are not allowed to be members of t he
17. At least one jury member must be of a different field of experience than the
other jury members present. A field of experience refers to the
specialisation of profession or academic subject.
18. Each jury member must be present for all team presenta tions in their
19. The jury must use the official TIMES evaluation forms when evaluating teams.
20. Each team must receive individual feedback from the jury.
21. When there are multiple cases , the points from the individual cases are
scaled in the way th a t the team with the highest score gets te n points. The
other teams get a relative score compared to the winning team of the day.
Scaled points from all the indiv idual cases are summed, and the team with
the most scaled points wins the competition.
22. The re m ust not be any indication of scores and rankings of individual teams
until the final results of the competition are announced.

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