Doctor and Virus Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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Doctor and Virus Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

I am sharing free amigurumi doll patterns with you every day. amigurumi doctor pattern with you in this article.
• Cotton or acrylic thread of the colors: skin, white, black, brown, gray and navy blue.
• Black embroidery thread.
• Fantasy acrylic for hair. You can also use party-style dyes for whatever yarn you choose.
Textile or silicone glue. Blush
12mm oval safety eyes, 2 virus tacks and 2 small white buttons for the gown. .
White rubber and blue felt. White paint or nail polish for the point of view.
• Pipe cleaners. 1 thick stick for the neck
• Markers, needles, scissors, etc …
• 2,5mm and 3mm hooks.
Ch: Chain
SC: Single crochet
INC: Increase
dec: Decrease
SL-ST: slip stitch
Hdc: half double crochet
DC: double crochet
F1: 6sc into magic ring
F2: 6 inc (12)
F3: (1sc 1inc) X6 (18)
F4: (2sc, 1inc) X6 (24)
F5: (3sc, 1inc) X6 (30)
F6: (4sc, 1inc) X6 (36)
F7: (5sc, 1inc) X6 (42).
F8: (6sc, 1inc) X6 (48).
F9: (7sc, 1inc) X6 (54)
F10: (8sc, 1inc) X6 (60).
F11-20: 60sc (9 rows).
F21: (4sc, 1dec) X10 (50)
F22: 50sc
Prepare the eyes before. The bottom of the piece will match the F22.
F23: (4sc, 1inc) X10 (60)
F24: (9sc, 1inc) X6 (66)
F25: 6sc. (10sc, 1inc) X4, 6sc (70)
F26-F30: 70sc
F31: 6sc. (10sc, 1dec) X4, 1sc at each point (66)
F32: (9sc, 1dec) X6 (60)
F33: (8sc, 1dec) X6 (54)
F34: (7sc, 1dec) X6 (48)
F35: (6sc, 1dec) X6 (42)
F36: (5sc, 1dec) X6 (36)
F37: (4sc, 1dec) X6 (30) Fill in
F38: (3sc, 1dec) X6 (24)
F39: (1sc, 1dec) X8 (16)
Finish filling, we leave a hole in the center of the filling or cut it with scissors, to introduce the stick that comes from the body with the neck.
We have used the Country Dolls technique, with a white rubber bottom, a felt of the color you want, and a large oval safety eye. At the end we add a point of view with white nail polish.
We give you some schemes to inspire you in your own shape and design.
F1: 6sc into magic ring.
F2: 6inc (12).
F3-F4: 12sc
F5: (4sc, 1dec) x 2.
F6: (1sc, 1 dec) x 2, gather the rest after filling.
He wears a little white heart on one side of his nose.
F1: 3sc ring, 1 ch (don’t close the ring all the way) turn
F2: 3inc, 1ch, rotate
F3: 1sc, 1 inc, 2sc, 1 inc, 1sc, 1ch, rotate
F4: 8sc Pull the ring and close the piece, leave thread to sew on the head
We will sew a fantasy acrylic around the head, you can dye it in areas with colored spray for children’s parties, or put it in a plain color, to your liking. Ours was as-is and we bought it at a fancy dress bazaar.
We have lined a stick of the thickness of the neck with 3 stitches in length and the width you need. We introduce the stick in the head and in the body and sew the neck on both sides.
The eyebrows are very characteristic of the Country Dolls
Have fun designing the face. We have put a smile on her, first by sinking the shape of her mouth with skin-colored thread, and then with a white thread we have given life to that smile. She wears freckles and marked blushes to highlight her cheeks. We put eyelashes on it but in the end it was very loaded with fried hair.
Color Black. Crochet 3mm We start with the feet.
F1: Chain of 8sc in which we will put: 6sc, 5sc in the last point, and on the other side of the chain 4sc, 3sc at the end (18)
F2: 1 inc, 5sc, 5inc, 4sc, 3inc (28)
F3: 1sc, 1inc, 5sc. (1sc, 1inc) x5, 4sc. (1sc, 1inc) x3 (36)
F4-F6: 1 sc in each stitch (36) (The first one from the back loop, BLO)
Put an insole on the bottom of the shoe with hard cardboard or plastic to prevent it from bulging when filling it.
F7: (2sc, dec) x 9 (27)
F8: 6sc, 7 dec, 7sc (20)
F9: 5sc, 5dec, 5sc Fill in (15) Change to Brown.
F10-F24: 15sc Finish filling
Once the second leg is finished, we will hook them with 2ch between the two and we will knit 1sc in each stitch. The sum of the two legs plus 4sc between them will give us a 34sc lap. We start a new row numbering:
F1-F2: 34sc
F3: 1sc at each point and an increase on the sides (36)
F4: (8sc, 1inc) x 4 (40)
F5-F6: 40sc
F7-F9: We change to blue. 4Osc
F10: (8sc, 1dec) x 4 (36)
F11-F12: 36sc
F13: (4sc, 1dec) x6 (30)
F14-F15: 30sc Fill
F16: (3sc, 1dec) x6 (24)
F17-F18: 24sc. Go filling
F19: (2sc, 1dec) x6 (18)
F20a: Pullover collar: (For the outside strand we will make 1hdc, 1inc of hdc, the whole row)
F20b: For the thread inside the blue, we introduce the skin color (crochet 2’5mm) 18sc.
F21: (1sc, 1dec) x6 (12) Finish filling.
1. We will put in brown 1 chain of 20pa on the bottom of the pants to simulate the hem. And some laces the color of the shirt, in this case blue, to the shoes.
2. We will make a black belt with 1 chain of 52hdc, we will sew it at the intersection of the pants and the sweater. We put a tack on it as a buckle.
3.Fit the stick that comes from the head and sew with a thread of the three that brings the cotton or acrylic thread and with a fine sewing needle so that the union in the neck is not noticed.
With 2.5mm Crochet we will make the complete arms: fingers, hands, sleeves …
F1 : 7 sc, starting in ring
F1: Make a chain of 14sc, close it.
F2: (5sc, 1dec) x 2 (12)
F3: 12sc (1sc, 1inc) x 6 (18)
F4: (2sc, 1inc) 6 (24)
F5: (sc, 1dec) x 3 (21)
F6: 21sc
We sew the 4 fingers point by point. We stuff the hand and sew the big toe, keeping in mind that the thumbs look up the arm. We return 13 stitches from the wrist to make the arm with the blue yarn from the sweater. It takes 17 laps of those 13sc. It is filled with two folded pipe cleaners, which is equivalent to 4. We close with low points joining both parts of the arm. We finish off the end of the sleeve with a chain of 14hdc.
2’5mm crochet hook. White color. We will make a piece that wraps the amigurumi, and to which we will sew the sleeves.
F1 In a chain of 25 ch we put 24
F2 (3sc, inc) x6 (30)
F3-F4 30sc
F5 (4sc, inc) x6 (36)
F6-F7 36sc
F8 (5sc, inc) x6 (42)
F9-F10 42sc
F11 (sc, inc) x6 (48)
F12-F13 48sc
F14 (7sc, inc) x6 (54)
F15-F16 54sc
F17 (8sc, inc) x6 (60)
F18-F19 60
F20 (9sc, inc) x6 (66)
F21-F22 66sc
Border the entire garment, in the corners to turn we will put 3 stitches and in the neckline make 24 dc. The pockets are 6sc x 4 turns, then the entire piece is hemmed with single crochets. Make 2. The one above is not bordered and we embroider in black some features as the name of Dr. Vacuna
In White and with 2.5mm Crochet we will make the sleeves, which are 1 row of 24sc, we close it and we knit X 8 rows of those 24 stitches. We make a row of decreases (2sc, 1dec) and another round of those 18sc. We close one part with another. We place the arms inside and sew or glue the gown already on under the neck.
In gray and with a 3mm crochet hook
F1: 6sc into magic ring.
F2: 6inc (12)
F3: (1sc, 1inc) X6 (18)
F4: (2sc, 1inc) X6 (24)
F5-F9: 24sc
F 10: (2sc, 1dec) X6 (18)
F11: (1sc, 1dec) X6 (12) Fill
F12: Close by gathering.
We will put black tacks on his eyes, we will embroider the broken smile and we will puncture red, green or blue pipe cleaners randomly all over the ball.