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A. Choose the best word (a , b ,c) to complete each space in the advent
If you don’t have a career path 1 in mind or if you are tired of your old nine-to-five job2 and want to make a career move 3 , you can just call us on the telephone number below to find out how we can help you.
We will work with you to understand what is really important to you. For example , are you more interested in earning 4 a lot of money or in having the opportunity to climb 5 the career leader?
Our experienced counselors will also review your exciting skills, experience and qualifications 6 to help guide you into a role that will be right for you. They may also ask you to do7 a psychometric test to help them to understand what areas of employment 8 suit you best. Maybe you are thinking of a job in finance but are you really good with figures 9 ? Or a position in human 10 resources but do you really enjoy dealing with people and their needs?
a) ladder b) path c) opportunity
a) work b) job c) employee
a) move b) training c) break
a) doing b) earning c) taking
a) climb b) follow c) earn
a) diplomas b) levels c) qualifications
a) give b) make c) do
a)employment b) progress c) job
a) figures b) counts c) maths
a) personnel b) staff c) human
B. Complete each sentence with the correct form of an item from the box.
To involve to be in charge to deal to look to make sure to be responsible
Lev Migachov works in research and developmet. His job involves developing new products and new ideas.
Suzana Lonza is the receptionist. She looks after visitors and takes messages.
Nadine Deschamps works for HR. She deals with staff problems, as well as with recruitment and training.
Linda Erisken is our Quality Control Inspector. She is responible for monitoring our products and trying to improve their quality.
Jose Manzano is our Security Officer. Her makes sure that our staff and premises are protected against crime.
Hans Reiter is our new Maintenance Engineer. He checks all our equipment regularly and is in charge of all repairs.
C. Complete the phrases from exercise B with the words that come immediately after them.
1 to be in charge _____of
2 to deal ______with__
3 to look ______after_
4 to make sure _____that______
5 to be responsible _____for______
A. Complete the interviewer’s questions from a job interview with words from the box
Contact let moving send sharing start working
Would you mind working at weekends?
Could you let us have your previous employer’s details?
Would you mind moving our appointment to Monday?
Could you start in two weeks’ time?
Could you contact us as soon as possible?
Would you mind sharing an office with three other people?
Could you send us a copy of your certificates?
B. Match the interviewee’s answers to the interviewer’s questions in exercise A.
Not at all, as long as it’s the morning.
Certainly. I’m free to start as soon as you like
Yes. I’ll let you know my decision by Friday, if that’s all right.
Sure. I’ll put copies in the post straightaway.
That’s fine, as long as we all have enough workspace. How often would that be?
Well, in fact they’re included in my CV.
C. Study the examples. Then complete the dialogues below with could or was able to.
Could (general ability)
A: Can you use a PC?
B: Yes, I can. In fact, I could use a PC when I was 10!
Was able to ( one occasion)
A: So were you late for the interview?
B: No. Sue gave me a lift , so I was able to get there in time.
1. A: What foreign Languages can you speak ? B: I could speak Italian quite fluently when I was a child but I’ve forgotten a lot.
2. A: What was your greatest achievement in your previous job?
B: Well, I was able to reorganize the Sales Department in a month.
3. A: What did you like best about your previous job?
B: My boss really trusted me so I could use my own initiative.
4. A: So you worked in Turkey three years ago. Could you give us some details?
B: Certainly. As a matter of fact, I was able to win a very big contract.
5. A: So how did the interview go?
B: Fine, I think. I was able to answer all the questions!
A. Use the prepositions at, by, for, in, of, to and on to complete the extract from a company report.
Pinelcom is committed ____to_____1 creating and delivering value – value to its customers, value to its employees and value to the region. Our success in moving towards this goal is most evident in the financial results for this years. Turnover at2 the close of the year was €83,5 million , that is an increase of3 12percent over the previous year, and profits rose by4 an all-time high of5 €11.5.
A huge increase in6 production and rising demand have had a positive effect on8 our cash flow. We are planning to start full production at7 our recently opened Polish subsidiary in9 May.
Finally, I would like congratulate our staff on their outstanding performance. Thank you all once again for10 your continuing support of the company.
B. Match the companies to the industry sector they belong to.
1. Lenovo, Apple, Dell, Microsoft e a) Electrical / Electronics
2. Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis d b) Engineering
3. BMW, General Motors, Motors, Nissan, Toyota b c) Banking and finance
4. HSBC, ING c d)Pharmaceuticals / Chemicals
5. LG, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens a e) IT ( Information Technology)
6. AP Moller-Maersk, Qatar Airways, Ryanair g f) Retail
7. Ikea, Tesco, Wal-Mart, Zara f g) Transport
C. Read the sentences and write the missing letters to complete the words.
1. Human r e s o r c e s deals with employees, keeps records and helps with any problems they might have.
2. If someone is self-employed, it means that they don’t work for only one company.
3. Cisco Systems is a famous American if company which supplies Internet equipment.
4. A company which owns another company is called parent company.
5. Subsidiary is a company which is more than 50 percent owned by another company.
6. The main building or location of a company or organization is its head office.
7. Banking and tourism belong to the service Industry.
8. All the people who work in particular country, industry, or factory are called the workforce.
A. Match each sentence with the meaning expressed by the verb in Italics.
1 American Express provides travel a) temporary situation
201858180117 and financial services.
b) future arrangement
2 Ms Delgado is replacing Sandra as
Office Manager until next Friday . a c) ongoing situation

3 We are improving our services d) routine activity
to meet the needs of a much wider
range of customers. c e) factual information

4 We are opening our sixth subsidiary
next month. b f) verb usually used only in the
Present simple

5 We need a different set of skills to
address our company’s challenges. f 6 We obverse our customers’ reactions
carefully. dC. Complete the test with the correct form (present simple or present continuous) of verbs from the box.
attend coordinate go have know prepare speak think travel
Leandra Korakis is Marketing Manager is Kayavis Food & Wine S.A., an expanding medium-sized business is Thessaloniki. She coordinates__1 the work of a team of seven people. Kayavis has2 distributors in eleven countries in Europe an America so Leandra often travels3 abroad. Next week, she is going4 to Canada to visit their new retail outiet. She speaks5 Greek, English and Danish. At the moment she is attending6 an intensive German course because the owner of Kayavis is thinking7 of opening shop and a large restaurant in Frankfurt. Leandra knows 8 that she will have to work in Germany for six month so she is preparing9 herself for her new assignment as best she can.

D. Make questions for these answers. All the information is in the text in exercise C.
1 What does Leandra do?______ She coordinates the work of a team of seven people.
2 ____How many countries does Kayavis have distributors in?________ Eleven.
3 ____When is Leandra going to Canada?_________________________Next week.
4 ____Why is she going to Canada?______________________ To visit their new retail outlet.
5 ____What foreign languages does she speak?____________ Greek, English and Danish.
6 ____Why is she attending a German course?_______ Because she will have to work in Germany.
7 ____Where is the owner of Kayavis thinking of opening a shop and a large restaurant?_____ in Frankfurt.
A. Match each sentence to meaning expressed by the modal in italics.
1 You should order online, it’s more convenient. b a) it is not necessary
2 We have to work very hard to reach our sales targets. c b) it would be a good idea.
3 You mustn’t show your PIN to anyone. d c) It is necessary
4 The supermarket is just down the road so we don’t d) Don’t do that
have to take the car. a
B. Rewrite these sentence using an appropriate model to replace the words in italics.
1 If you want to be an effective salesperson, it is necessary to know how to deal with people.
If you want to be an effective salesperson, you have to_ know how to deal with it people.
2 It is a good idea for retailers to dispatch orders quickly.
Retailers should dispatch orders quickly.
3 One of the good things about malls is that it is not necessary to walk a lot from one shop to

One of the good things about malls is that you don’t have to walk a lot from one
shop to another

4 It is not good idea to talk about yourself.
You shouldn’t talk a lot about yourself.
5 If you order before 15th April, it’s not necessary for you to pay until August.
If you order before 15th April, you don’t have to pay until August.
6 This deal is very important for all us, so no mistakes please!
This deal is very important so we musn’t make any mistakes!
7 It is against the law to sell these medicines to anyone who hasn’t got a prescription.
You must have a prescription if you want to buy these medicines.

C. Match the sentence halves.
182017354945 1 We were all agreement. a) which means they don’t have to queue!
2 Her new flat is near her workplace. d b) so we’ll have to exchange them.
3 We didn’t have any more paper c) so we didn’t have to discuss the deal an further.
in stock. e 4 They usually order online. a d) so she won’t have to drive to work anymore.
5 They don’t have an online catalogue. f e) so we had to order some more.
6 They say some of the goods are damaged. b f)so we have to ask them to send us one.
A. Match a verb from the box A with a noun from box B complete the sentences below. Use a suitable form of the verb-noun combination.
5969008255073324585713To develop
5588006350041910057150To extend
50800083185To make
50800074295To meet
To protect
To take
36195052070To win To environment
Advantage of (something)
A (product) range
A business idea
A breakthrough
A need
An award

1 Brainstorming is an effective way of developing a business idea__.
2 A couple of years ago, scientists made a breakthrough in the treatment of
3 ‘Eco-consumers’ choose companies which do not produce a lot of toxic waste and have a clear
policy of protecting the environment.
4 Sometimes an idea may simply be when a company takes advantage of an opportunity to offer more choice to its customers.
5 If one of your products wins an award for innovation, prospective customers
May see you as a dynamic, high-quality company and decide to choose you over your
6 Our company would like to attract a wider variety of customers, that’s why we are planning
to extend our range of cosmetics and toiletries.
7 A good business idea is one that generates profits and at the same time meets a need
A. Match the sentence halves.
213935198077 1 They were still working on their a) that they were exhibiting at the Inventors’ Fair.
new designs.
2 As they had an exciting idea b) when suddenly Jackson announced that he was
to promote. d stepping down as General Manager
3 They invited high-profile c) when they saw an opening in the market
entrepreneurs on TV. e
4 Apple released the first iPad d) they decided to exhibit at the Inventors’ Fair
in April 2010. f 5 We were having a boring meeting. b e)and asked them to talk about innovation and
6 An Australian entrepreneur expressed f) and sold 3 million of the devices in 80 days.
interest in the new product. a
C. Complete the sentences with the correct form (past simple or past continuous) of the verbs in
in brackets.
1 Our company was losing _ (lose) money at an alarming rate but the in 2010 we launched our Hermes 5 tablet computer. Sales went up dramatically and our
Financial situation improved rapidly.
2 We were having a successful negotiation when suddenly our boss phoned
us to say he wanted completely different conditions.
3 We were planning to patent our new drug but we waited far too long. A
month after our discovery, our main competitor was selling basically the same
4 Julia decided to take a few months off in 2001, when she was working for Clarival
Cosmetics. While she was touring New Zealand, she developed an
interest in Maori culture. She took samples of some of the plants used in their
rituals because she believed they could be used in some of her company’s

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