lady in red

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I've never seen you looking so lovelyas you did tonightI've never seen you shine so brightI've never seen so many men ask youif you wanted to danceThey're looking for a little romance,given half a chanceI have never seen that dress you're wearingOr the highlights in your headThat catch your eyesI have been blindThe lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheekThere's nobody here, it's just you and me,It's where I wanna beBut I hardly know this beauty by my sideI'll never forget,the way you look tonightI've never seen you looking so gorgeousas you did tonightI've never seen you shine so brightyou were amazingI've never seen so many peopleWant to be there by your sideAnd when you turned to me and smiled,It took my breath awayI have never had such a feelingSuch a feeling of complete and utter love,As I do tonightThe way you look tonightI never will forget, the way you look tonightThe lady in redThe lady in redThe lady in redMy lady in red (I love you.)