Прочитай транскрипцию и напиши слово буквами

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Прочитай транскрипцию и напиши слово буквами.
[‘ru:lə]        Составь словосочетания и запиши их.
Goby heartRidesnowballsLargein the armchairWarmin the gardenWorkflowersWaterthe washing upSitcarpetPlaya bikeDokitchenlearnto school1.ходить в школу- __________________________________________________
2.кататься на велосипеде- ____________________________________________
3.большая кухня- ___________________________________________________
4.теплый ковер- ____________________________________________________
5.работать в саду- __________________________________________________
6.поливать цветы- __________________________________________________
7.сидеть в кресле- __________________________________________________
8.играть в снежки- __________________________________________________
9. мыть посуду-_____________________________________________________
10.учить наизусть- __________________________________________________
Заполни пропуски предлогами.
Предлоги:  in the middle of, in, to, above, on.
1.He likes to ski _____ winter.
2.Do you like to listen _____ music?
3.I play tennis _____ Sunday.
4.What is there _____ the room.
5.There is a nice picture _____the table.       
Составь предложения из слов.
1.is, an armchair, there, in your kitchen?
2. did, clean, your room, you, yesterday?
3.it, in winter, is, very cold.
4.a lot of sweets, there, in the box, were.
5.my mother, next summer, will take me, to the Black Sea.
Раскрой скобки, употребив глагол в Past Simple.
The Red Cow (1) _____ (live) in the field of beautiful flowers. In the morning she (2) _____ (give) lessons to her daughter. In the afternoon they (3) _____ (eat) sweet green grass. In the evening the Red Cow (4) _____ (think) about her happy life. One night the Red Cow (5) _____ (get) up suddenly and (6) _____ (begin) to dance. There (7) _____ (be) no music but she (8) _____ (dance). Then she (9) _____ (want) to stop but she could not.                /9
Переделай предложения по образцу.
Образец: She watches TV every day. – Yesterday she watched TV too.
1.We wash our hands every day. – Yesterday we ___________ our hands too.
2.I go to school every morning. – Yesterday I ___________ there too.
3.She waters flowers every day. – Yesterday she __________ flowers too.
4.My cat catches a mouse every day. – Yesterday my cat __________ a mouse too.
5.I see my friends every day. – Yesterday I __________ my friends too.
Выбери нужное слово и заполни пропуски.
1.I always ______ my homework in the evening.
a)haveb)doc)make2.Mag ______ the flowers every morning.
b)watersc)cleans3.When do you usually ______ lunch?
a)gob)havec)do4.______ you do your homework two days ago?
a)Dob)Willc)Did5.His sister ______ puzzles yesterday.
a) didn’t play
b) doesn’t play
c) won’t play        
Раскрой скобки, употребив прилагательное в правильной форме.
1.My sister is the __________ (good) pupil in her class.
2.It is a very __________ (funny) English book.
3.This baby is the __________ (smart) baby in the world.
4.My bike is __________ (small) than your bike.
5.Tigers are __________ (big) than dogs.        
Заполни таблицу.
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