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Аттестационная работа
ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ ЗА 2019- 2020 уч. год.
There was a time when man didn’t know how to count. The origin of number and counting
Is hidden behind prehistoric ages. No one knows when counting first began.Counting
Represents a very important milestone in the progress of civilization. At first there were
No names for numbers, so counters were used. For counters man used sticks, small stones,
His fingers, and even his toes.
Somewhere in the distant past man learned that number was useful and necessary in life.Historical records show the astronomical and arithmetical achievements of the early
Babyllonians.One of the greaterst mathematicians of recorded history was the Greek Archimedes ( 287- 212 B. C.)
who developed mathematics which could be applied to the laws of nature.
1.Accoding to the passage, which of the following is true?
a) Digits mean fingers in LATIN.
b) Digits mean stones in Latin.
--------you work in a bank? A)How long b) Are c) Really d) Do
------- you work in a bank three months ago a) Do b)Have c)Did d) Would
------ is taking a trip to Australia. A) They b) When c) The woman d)Her
------- is necessary for any project that is undertaken in this program.
Although b) For a word processor c)A word processor d)Because a word processor
The final delivery of the day is the a)important b) most important
importanter than the first d) important
7)The family ------purchased the television. a) was b) were c) are d) has
8.A strong wind ------when she ) left home. a) was blowing b) blew c) blows d were blowing
9.How long -----English? a) are you learning b) have you been learning c)have been you learning d) do you learn
11. Food ------ tomorrow.a)is bought b) is buying c) will bought d) wil be bought
12 The story ------- . a)must finished b) must be finishing c) must be finished d) must to be finished
13.The bill ---------- now. a)shouid pay b) shouid be paid c) should paid d)shouldn’t pay
14. life is -------- boring in the city a) less b). a few c)fewer d.) the fewer15.Moscow is a very old city, --------- history goes back to the 12 century.
a)her b) its c) it’s d) it
16.I like my town. ------ a nice city. a)she’s b) its c) it’s d) it
17.Mother ------------ the flat before we all returned. a) cleaned b) had cleaned c) has cleaned
d) was cleaning
18. Dinosaurs are ------- animals. a) rare b) not huge c) not strong d) extinct

19.You ‘d better study more ,----------? a) should you b)shouldn’t you
c) hadn’t you d) wouldn’t you
20.I’m older than you, -----? A)am I not b) I am not c) aren’t I d) aren’t you.